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    The Songs Which Certainly Didn't Save Your Life.

    Sgt. Pepper is overrated. not that it's not a fantastic album that opened a lot of doors, but i still think it's not their best. now, i usually get suspicious when people tell me The Beatles is their favourite album, because i think it's probably the most pretentious choice. eh.. give me...
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    if you and morrissey had a child...

    this is what Morrissey's and Jakob Dylan's child would look like: fit.
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    Joni Mitchell Thread

    i love joni mitchell.. Back in 1957 We had to dance a foot apart And they hawk-eyed us from the sidelines Holding their rulers without a heart And so with just a touch of our fingers We could make our circuitry explode All we ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in...
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    speedway live?

    are you looking for exactly this performance? are you looking for video only? because the version on the I Just Want To See The Boy Happy single is fantastic, it's my favourite. there's a video of that as well, even though not very professional, but the sound is good...
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    Post your pics of Mozz landmarks!

    lipstick vandals at the Iron Bridge: and, i'm not sure if this counts:
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    Moz calls gig off after 3 songs!

    i was there tonight and morrissey really didn't have a choice, it was painful to listen to him because it was obviously hurting him when he tried to hit the higher notes.. i'm sad because i only just recovered from a nasty virus myself today which had earlier this week kept me from seeing...
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    The 'Print Out And Keep' Guide To Morrissey / The Smiths London

    thanks for this! i´ve been living in london for a while now and still wasn't aware where some of the places were.. and yes, don't remind me of the closed down east london line. because of that it's now taking me ages to go to uni.
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    Question about Jake?

    and I prefer this Jake: :)
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    Greatest Hits - Bonus Live Cd!

    Re: Is THIS The Official GH Tracklist? how can you possibly compile a greatest hits cd with so many YATQ/ROTT tracks and LEAVE OUT Life Is a Pigsty?? it just doesn´t make sense.
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    New single STUDIO version - mp3 Exclusive, listen NOW (2 minutes)

    i think it sounds more like wind noises in places, rather than a crowd.. so strange, i really like the song musically and i think the vocals are moz at his best.. but.. more accordion! more kristeen! as everyone else, i´m quite amused by the cowbell.
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    je suis mort ici?

    fantastic thread! something rather obvious to add to the list of puns: Johnny Marr - J'en ai marre : I´ve had enough.
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    Favourite Morrissey song to fall asleep to?

    Seasick, Yet Still Docked Why Don´t You Find Out For Yourself Speedway Asleep
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    Info on new single (release date, b-sides etc)

    i don´t have anything about covers and live songs as b-sides, as long as they´re good. his cover of A Song From -under The Floorboards is fantastic and the Speedway recording from the Boy Happy single was reason enough to buy the 12" single for me. that version is perfect. i guess i´ll see how...
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 199: THESE THINGS TAKE TIME

    obviously closely linked with Still Ill, this has to be a ten, even though i think a few years later, morrissey would have sung it completely different and possibly different.. anyway, it´s like a raw diamond the way it is and i love it!
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