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  • Thanks for the compliment on my sig. I didn't want to dig up the thread your post was in because it was over a week ago. James May is definitely awesome.

    You raise an intelligent point. Who would win in a fight between a Swan and a Paedo? I have no idea, but it is certainly something that could be open to much debate.

    Look at us, already got ourselves an 'in-joke'. Goooooooooooooooo team!
    Swans are dangerous. They can break bones. You don't want to mess with a swan. You don't really want to mess with a paedo either- though a paedo would no doubt try and mess with you first if you were a child.

    Rack that brain.
    Haha I like you've decided to give yourself the pretty nickname of 'Swan', while I get lumbered with 'Paedo'. We'll go with it for now, Swan...but I'll be racking my brains for potential new ones.
    Yes, excellent ideas from you. Well done, really well done. Of course, if we are really going to form a clique we have to come up with special names to refer to each other, just to ensure everyone knows that you if you mess with one of us, you are messing with the other.
    I just noticed your message. I'm gonna start my own clique,we can have our own jokes and all back each other up and stuff. Wanna get involved?
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