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  • Barley is a masterpiece. Fantastic, honestly you'll not be disappointed. I really wish they'd do a second series, it's good though because they had their finger on the button before the rise of the indie-arty farty-camden-drainpipe jean-idoits, they for-saw the future! It's good the way as well Morris just strikes out of nowhere after he's been in hiding for so long, he doesn't even get any the publicity. No need for it.
    I think i'll have to to be honest! I actually didn't know when it was being released but i'll be definitely going. I mean it's Chris Morris for heavens sake!

    Do you agree another series of Barley should be made? Please agree.
    I see. I've noticed that... That sod in the "dissing morrissey"-thread is awful. How sad that people like that claim to "like" Moz...
    Yes, yes, I saw him in late August. God, he's wonderful, in every sense. And what a great band!
    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Yes, I'm going to see him in August, can't wait.

    Actually I was thinking just that: that he is so damn sexy at the age of 75.... How is that possible????
    Hey after browsin through forums like a nosey git ive come to the ovbouis conclusion that yer that nice lady who elped me out at the morrissey gig at manchester. Just wanted to say ta love as a rudely didnt at the time. Was an amazing gig best ive been too to be honest bar those twats. Hope to see you at a morrissey gig in the future down the front.
    Samiy x
    I tried to link to it and it didn't work. Go there and do a search on "frink thread".. That should do it. :D
    Look at this!!!!!! Aren't we lucky? ;)


    01-Jul-09 Köln/Cologne, Germany Lanxess Arena
    02-Jul-09 Berlin, Germany O2
    04-Jul-09 Antwerp, Belgium Sport Palais
    06-Jul-09 Nantes, France Zenith
    07-Jul-09 Paris, France Bercy
    09-Jul-09 Toulouse, France Zenith
    14-Jul-09 Liverpool, UK Arena
    16-Jul-09 Molde, Norway Jazz Festival
    17-Jul-09 Langesund, Norway Langesund Festival
    26-Jul-09 Belfast, Northern Ireland Odyssey
    30-Jul-09 Lisbon, Portugal Atlântico Arena
    31-Jul-09 Gijon, Spain Plaza de To
    Oh thank you. It's even more odd (odder?) that his myspace doesn't even mention that date. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on him... ;)
    Competition!? Nooo! Who on earth from? Haha I'm sure I can do that, of course, only to put people off. x
    You'll have me thinking too much of myself. A 'fan club' will go straight to my head. Although, at the moment it only has one member...still, I'm pretty happy with that. x
    Thankyou for the addidge (everyone adds 'idge' to the end of a word now to sound cool don't they!?) No thanks for the add, yep.
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