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    The Fratellis tickets Glasgow

    I am selling x3 Fratellis tickets for Glasgow Barrowlands on 31st March. I am looking for £80 for the three of them. Free recorded delivery postage. Just let me know if anybody is interested or knows of anybody who may be looking for tickets to this sold out show.
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    No Song Titles on CD Player

    It will display song titles for my other CD's but not this one :( Its a pain in the A**
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    No Song Titles on CD Player

    Has anybody else noticed that the CD of WPINOYB shows as unknown title on the CD display for any of the songs
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    Should Morrissey attempt to tour again this year?

    If Morrissey is fit and up for touring then I would welcome it. With his health scares over the past few years it would maybe be wise to play gigs every few days rather than the intense tour dates he has been doing.
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    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" info and tracklisting (July 2014) -

    Re: Release information and tracklisting for Morrissey's new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Busi Roll on July Can't wait!! also hope UK tour dates get announced soon Please Please Please let us get a tour
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    Boz Boorer Rockabilly Wine

    Thanks for that, I will keep a lookout for it, Could be a wee collectors item.
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    Boz Boorer Rockabilly Wine

    Will we be able to purchase the Wines in the UK
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    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" - new album title

    I must admit I like the title, but I cant help but think he has put himself in the firing line with the British press who will make up their own sordid meaning for the name and feed to the anti Moz brigade who will take it as the truth
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Echo and the Bunnymen in Edinburgh 16th May
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    What a band I remember seeing them at a festival in York racecourse in 1984, The only festival I attended where every band was great. Echo & the Bunnymen, Spear of Destiny, Sisters of Mercy and the Redskins.
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    Moz at Manchester in July?

    Re: Moz at Manchester in July This date could fit in with his schedule, US tour ends 21 June then possible small break and European tour, hope he does not concentrate on the festivals where the tickets are mostly sold out and we get hit with small warm up venues.
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    Will Mozza ever get outstaning contribution to music award

    Re: To me he deserves to be recognised for over 30 years of contribution to the music industry as both Band member and solo artist. I also believe he has a big fan base in the UK as the music papers will make any reason to honour the Smiths/Morrissey so they can sell their publications. They...
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    Will Mozza ever get outstaning contribution to music award

    Re: I don't find it weird at all to ask the question. I as a Smiths\Morrissey fan for the whole of their journey would like to see Morrissey recognised for his achievements. His autobiography is full of chart positions for singles and albums and how they should always have got higher in the...
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    Will Mozza ever get outstaning contribution to music award

    On reading David Bowie getting best British male award at the Brits it got me thinking why Morrissey has never been honoured. When you look at the likes of Pet shop boys, Oasis and Paul Weller being past winners you wonder why Morrissey has been overlooked. Is it going to take a reforming...
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    Tour Setlist without Smiths songs

    I went to see Echo and the Bunnymen do in Liverpool's echo arena to see them perform the entire Ocean Rain album with an orchestra. It was absolutely amazing and the arena was almost sold out. They also done a set with varied bunnymen songs. How it worked was the Bunnymen came out and done their...
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