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    Morrissey's chat up lines

    "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before, but..."
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    Question to Swedish fans about the latest single

    Did "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" get a release in Sweden? I've checked Ginza and similar sites but haven't found it. Does anyone know a record shop in Stockholm where I can find it? Any help much appreciated.
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    Hovet, Sweeden 02 April 06 (Video)

    Sweden is the country, to be correct. :) Is this the entire show or is it just the short clips that were up here not too long ago?
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    Hultsfred Sweeden 6-19-04

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this? I've tried a couple of times now but the download is maddeningly slow. It says it will take up to 30 hours!!! A file of this size normally takes about 20 minutes for me to download and I've never had trouble with Megaupload before. Hope someone can...
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    A Must! (I Spy [Live on Jools Holland] by Pulp)

    Hmmm, I don't have any Vauxhall demos. My irony detector might be a bit rusty here, but if you have said demos could you please upload them?
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    Bootleg By Request

    I'd be very grateful for Hultsfred, Sweden, 2004.
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    Axl Rose Rehearsing for London Morrissey date

    That is... disturbing. I have only read one comment on Axl by Moz and of course it was everything but favourable. It's all in Axl's mind, I presume. Just like when he went around with a Nirvana cap in denial of the fact that Kurt hated him. The Gunners' first album is a classic, though.
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    Would you sleep with Morrissey?

    "Anal", my arse! What about the option: Yes...I am an asexual man. :)
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    2nd Karlstag Gig

    Great news! Do you think you will be able to record and upload it, Chartres?
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    Looking for a couple of Suede b-sides

    Davide: Thanks for the offer, but I don't use Soulseek. H Rage: Thank you so much for the upload! soundofthenorth: Thanks for the link! I found a lot of interesting stuff there.
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    Why do people moan and get agressive about ebay sales?

    Where is it legal? It certainly isn't legal in Sweden where I live.
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    Looking for a couple of Suede b-sides

    Does anyone have This World Needs a Father and Eno's Introducing the Band, both of which are b-sides from The Wild Ones? Would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    "Please excuse my ignorance"

    Yes, that is of course the most famous Hector, the Troyan war hero. I think that reference is intended, even if it's just one among others. You can't really use the name Hector in a lyric without raking up all of that dust from antiquity and of course Morrissey is very much aware of this.
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    Best Morrissey Song Ever, Final!

    Late night on Maudlin Street, Jack the Ripper was lost... Looks like Everyday is like Sunday will win, though. Bit of an anti-climax, really. It's too obvious.
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