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  • Oh hun... *HUGS* If you want to chat, I'm here anytime cuz no, I cannot always tell what you are thinking (lol) If it's any consolation, I've been having a life-altering last couple of years. :o I think I have aged faster than I intended (blames others :mad:;))

    The job market in Chicago is okay, but much the same as anywhere else. My dh interviewed last Wed for a new job and it looks very promising!! but that is for a pretty 'niche' position. Do you still have your job? Why do you want to leave? And obvs you are willing to move anywhere if you're applying all over the country? Seems we need to chat s'more... PM me :)

    CONGRATS on the Phillies :D I saw the party-like destruction ;) in the paper. Ahhh takes me back to da Bulls championships :cool: :p
    Hey girl!! CONGRATS to your Phillies!! :) Now I don't feel so bad that the Flubs lost to da champs ;)

    How have you been? I've been thinking aboutcha. And what do you mean 'you hate this place'? :confused: solo? :( Hope you are doing well. Stay in touch *brain and body hugz* :cool: :guitar:
    LOLZ. could I possibly stay away? What's new? I actually watched almost all of the Anthony Bourdain marathon on Labor Day....yes...sad, I know...but hey, I'm easily entertained. :)
    Hey hey, sorry to have been out of MSN for a while. Just been getting ready for going back to school on Monday...I am ready for it now...this summer has dragged on for too long...VIVA TEGAN AND SARA!!
    yeah i bake all the time, at work, LOL we only get flash cakes like that at birthdays/christmas, talking of which i best start planning my christmas cake, its nearly august after all.. ;-)
    i love that man,i am seeing him in a couple weeks or so,i got front row tix.i am very stoked and amped up about it.

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