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  • Oi skinster, i've started to read The Nasty Bits by Anthony have him we have jamie olivier :p life is unfair :D
    Yeah dude I found a tape where you can see me get my handshake but its from the balcony see my hoodie and secuirty push me away lol
    Man that kinda sucks lol. What happened was..I got up and security was pulling me headfirst so I flipped my legs over and accidentally kicked him in the face...then he dropped me on my back. So I get up and the barricade is collapsing xD so no one escorted me. As I was walking I looked up and held out my hand. Moz looked at me, smiled, bowed his head at me and shook my was incredible. I cried. :p
    A stupid business trip has come up, and now I can't see my Mozzer next Monday. If you will take both tickets I have, you are more than welcome. I think they GA Floor. You can have both for $100, and now I'm going to get tix for Philly, providing the great one is ok for the rest of the tour. Shoot me a message back either way. Cheers Simon (Manchester, North of England NJ transplant)
    I meant your little mishchevious tagging on Monday..Guess I'm about two days too late with my comment.
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