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    Morrissey fan mail

    Probably been asked a million times, but how can I get a letter to Moz? Thru his agent's mailing address or something? Anyone know?
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    Moz's Relationships

    starting to feel this way and it's sort of unnerving...
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    Moz Biopic

    Has anyone heard anything more about this supposed Morrissey biopic? All the articles I have found are from a little over a year ago, like this one: I read one that said filming started in 2014, but haven't seen...
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    Moz's Relationships

    I've always wondered about the "several girlfriends and boyfriends" quote from Marr. Who are they???
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    The Smiths T shirt

    Etsy has some good ones. You can select the UK for the shop location and only see shirts that ship from there.
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    Moz's Relationships

    I know I'm being incredibly nosy but.. I've kept myself up the past few hours trying to dig up the lucky guys and girls who have gone out with Moz. So far I've come up with: Anne Marie McVeigh Annalisa (?) Jake Owens/Walters (pretty sure its Owens but I've seen Walters referenced) Does...
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