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  • Thanks ^^ I'm not the one who drew it, I just found it on the internet a long time ago... I've no idea who did it unfortunately. I've only got this slightly bigger version, I wish the quality was better!
    Katherine Hepburn was a class act. Do you have this song "Bette Davis & Debbie Burton with Bobby Heller And His Orchestra - what ever happened to baby jane"? Morrissey used it on his 91 intermission tape and I posted it a while back, but I have since deleted the links. If you don't have it would you like me send it to you as a zip file? It's quite a funny song:)
    I'll upload a track on "what song are you obsessed with" in other music in a sec
    £12, one can hardly say that Bette really "sings", I'm sure you can check out some stuff on youtube or download it. It's also available on CD, I think you can find it new on for $5. But it is of course the vinyl that is beautiful:)
    i do live in the us. it was my first and it was a long time coming. i felt blessed:)
    Hi - ja, sorry ich kann das video erst morgen posten, bin noch immer im urlaub in wien, wo ich nur begrenzten internetzugang habe. Aber ich werde es dann im wien thread posten.
    Ich habe die single gekauft, weil ich ja luxemburgerin bin und ich es immer faszinierend fa d, dass er gerade das lied mag. Aber ich wusste auch, dass es eine seiner lieblingssongs der eurovision ist - an das interview konnte ich noch so vage erinnern :)

    Ich habe das video echt schon 100 mal angeschaut und es wirkt mittlerweile schon surreal wie ich finde... Ich bin einfach nur happy, dass ihm mein geschenk so gut gefallen hat. Ich habe auch noch nie gesehen/ gehoert, dass er so begeistert von einem geschenk war.

    Gehst du zu allen konzerten in london? Ich geh nur zu den beidenletzten, es ging leider nicht anders :s
    It was alright thanks. I had to work last night, but I had a little drinky the night before to celebrate. And the guys at work were nice. (and not too loud, thankfully :D ). How are you? :)
    Hahaha, thanks for the birthday story. :D I really would never ask Moz to leave, no matter how much he danced..I may ask him to stop dancing and take his shirt off though :D Cheers :)
    sorry this took a while as i rarely check messages. basically the double bass is getting chucked up in the air and moz is wandering in background.
    Hoping things'll get brighter for you

    Some first-aid-mozzers attached
    No, back in the UK now. St Petersburg was well worth every penny spent on getting there, a great city. The show was superb, Morrissey and the guys were in great spirits, almost as if they had been drinking. The crowd knew all the songs and were getting really into it, which for some reason I didn't expect. A great little trip, taking in Sweden, Finland and Russia.
    Hiya! In the link that you sent me he hands the mic to Julia and asks if she is well. She says yes (I think, it is a quiet response) and then she asks how he is....hence the strongman chest beating. Hope that helps!!! I hope you can find a sound card soon! ;) All is well here, it's kinda boring right now.
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