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  • Hey sistasheila, I came across a Dutch interview you posted on this site and on your photobucket. After some messing around with the url I came across another interview you got on photobucket. It's an English interview where Morrissey mentions that The Smiths will stay ''Pure as driven slush'', they talk about their Rough Trade and the fact they are a basic four-piece. I found 3 scans of the interview, but I have the idea that it isn't the complete interview. Is there any way you can show me (the direction to) the last scan(s) of the interview? I'm dying to read it!

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Thank you so much sweetie! :flowers:

    The Moz-gif-photostory made me smile, laugh and really happy! :thumb:

    England war super, abgesehen von dem Disaster in Liverpool...wie wars in der Royal Albert Hall? Hab gehört es war fantastisch!
    Warst Du bei den Konzerten in Berlin und Hamburg? Ich wollte dich eigentlich nochmal kontaktieren vor den Konzerten, hatte aber nachdem ich aus England zurückgekommen bin nur 3 Tage hier zuhause, bevor ich nach Deutschland weitergefahren bin. Habs leider nicht geschafft dir zu schreiben... :(

    Nochmals Danke für deinen supersüssen Geburtstags-Gruss! :)


    Hi! nö, war ich nicht, aber ja, das war ich auf der mainpage. Hab da twitter-Kommentare von einem Konzertbesucher gepostet
    Sorry, sistasheila, hab erst jetzt deine message gelesen, weil ich seit monaten nicht mehr eingeloggt war. offenbach fand ich besser als wien ein paar wochen später. vmtl. auch, weil ich noch nie so weit vorne stand. ich gebe mein bestes für die erste reine morgen in münchen.
    hey boo. what up? working hard? or hardly working?

    two words. Rachel Maddow. nuff said.
    nö leider. Latenter Geldmangel zwingt mich dazu, daheim zu bleiben. Aber so wie's mom. aussieht, wird das mit der Tour wohl eh nix...
    And the really sick part of it - I typed that stuff AT WORK! But you know, I might just do that - when I get home I'll test it and see how it looks. :thumb:

    *note to self: dont' be a perv at the office*:o

    I'm doing well. I just finished work as asst. to camera department and now i am going to start work as an editor for several projects.

    what sorts of struggles are we talking about e-mail me [email protected]
    Hey Sista! Yes, my hubby and I would love to go to Berlin, in fact, we may come in October instead because I am doing the Moz UK tour.:D I am going to Birmingham - Salisbury right now, and hoping for a Los Angeles date. It's great how much love he is giving to Germany. Which gigs are you planning?
    Hi sweetie!
    I'm just going to the Sheffield gig, because it's on my birthday. :cool:
    I have a front row center seat, so very very happy with that!

    I'm doing a lot of other gigs in Oct/Nov/Dec (Placebo, Rammstein, Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Starsailor, Muse, Editors) so I have a very busy schedule. :)

    What gig(s) are you going to?

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