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  • Hey, thanks for posting on the Eurovision thread I made.
    Pardon my not getting back in there. I've been a bit all over the place lately and concentration's not the best. I did watch Eurovision though and enjoyed it. I just thought the girl who sang with the blonde hair and was her own song was the best. Can't remember which country she was from, but the song was about making the world a better place to live in and seemed heartfelt....
    feeling a lot older than 94 after another "lovely" day at Royal Mail ha ha just off out tho to see freebass so fingers crossed its a good gig
    never heard of Drool and D-word, both sound cool, thanks for the tip! I did see "eyes wide open" and I liked it.
    I hope you're well x
    Hi sista! How are you? I'm good most of the time. I feel a bit lost with figuring out what I want to do with my life next, but I manage to pass the time in the meanwhile with working too much and partying too often.
    I just saw a movie that I'm pretty sure you know and like: Itty bitty titty committee. Am I right? :)
    Oh, what have I been up to lately..? Just the usual excessive worrying on the tedium and depression of everyday-existence. Haven't been feeling like contributing to the threads here on sunny-solo (what's the point?), but the Frink-thread is something I just have to check on a daily-basis. How are things in the Promised Land of Germany?
    To be honest nothing has been reported here about it since the news broke in early April. The ship was to be investigated and repair efforts were to be established but it's seriously just news gone to ground and it's been pushed aside for much more "pressing matters", like one of our most notorious gangland Mafi killer's who was murdered in prison *sigh* So unfortunatly I'm not much help on any further news.
    Oh great, I thought it would be kind of strange when someone is just browsing trough your 'private' images, just out of the blue.

    And about that thread:
    Wow, that's just fantastic. Thanks a million. When there is a article or interview concerning (one of the) The Smiths out of Belgium or Holland, I would be glad to translate! So just let me know.

    When I think of it, I must have some of them lying around. If I have the time I will scan it. I also have some English ones (Uncut, Mojo & Record Collector articles/interviews), but I don't know which ones are already scanned and 'online'. Is there some list of interview or something which are online on THIS site?

    strange, I see it like with the movement incomplete ??
    Forums have given me no trouble whatsoever, except for Jukebox Jury being banned...
    question: when you look at my icon here in this pannel, does it have the hiccups?? Because it works fine in the forums, but here, smaller, it has the hiccups
    Omg I struggled! :p
    I've developed a certain "eye" for these things, some things look better in the video than trapped in a gif. I struggled for 2 gifs, woman!
    Sorry, but I don't remember. I suppose I got it either from motorcycleaupairboy or from the frink thread :D
    I'm not that far from Hamburg actually - Lithuania ;)
    to be honest... I didn't think much of it gifwise :p It makes a great watch, and nice quality and all, but left no gifmarks in me :p
    I'll take another look, for you, 'cos I kinda like ya :D
    I haven't knitted any (adult) female dolls because I've yet to come up with a satisfactory way to knit breasts in situ, as it were. I'd rather knit men anyway, to be honest.

    Oh I was HOPELESS at sewing and almost as bad at knitting as a child, although I could crochet a granny square at quite an impressive speed. I still can't sew for the life of me. No, not an artistic bone in my body, really. My knitting skills are extremely limited, too. All I have going for me is the pattern which exists mostly in my head.
    Well, I was surfing on the forum, and somehow I came across a scan of a Dutch article/interview about the Smiths/with Morrissey, which was interesting to me, because I'm Dutch myself. So I got that page, and what I did was messing around with the url, and inserted different numbers, so I got to see the other parts (it's usual that pictures are uploaded like morrisseyinterview01, morrisseyinterview02). I really did not intend to mess with your private things or something, I hope you're not mad. I just wanted to read the whole interview.

    The interview itself is really interesting. I always like it when Johnny Marr joins in early interviews, because he has important things to say, but usually from a more musical perspective.

    All I can say now is thank you so much, because I like your contributions on this site a lot (and I can read interviews from times I wasn't born yet).

    That would be greetings from Hamburg to Dordrecht, near Rotterdam (which is almost near Amsterdam).
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