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  • hej simon long time no talk..how are you?
    will you go to any of the concerts?
    wow belgian concert is a bargain:30 euro-top!
    handsome pic simon;) in the hair thread you remind me
    of someone but i cant quite put the finger on it(the name);)
    glad to hear you actually like Neubauten
    here are the dates(its in nov in brüssel)

    DAF is ...i bet with you abs up your alley..they were pathing the way for lots of electronic music which is going on today..
    these are the live dates for antwerp in dec:
    amazing live too
    alles ist gut and die kleinen und die bösen are awesome
    and gold und liebe( the early/important albums)
    their biggest hit was seen as controversial but they meant it in an ironic context and they know before that it would push buttons+ the singer is spanish anyway not german
    so my last post on the cole thread ..the mentioned bands there arent really to your taste i assumed...
    ....well esp neubauten are quite unusal but awesome live..

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