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  • What are you doing here? You should be heading to the venue. There is no reason not to be 8 hours early!
    The canceling of that Oakland show really took the wind out of your sails, didn't it?
    Not that I wish illness on anyone, but I would have been more understanding had one of them been ill. I didn't pay $50 to watch TV. I can do that shit at home. I paid $50 to see one of my favorite bands play live. Seemed a bit frivolous to me at the time and still does, actually.

    I actually went back and edited my post. You were just quick on the response. :p
    My Asheville show was cancelled last month and it was the one I was looking forward to the most because the club's capacity is 900 bodies. The show was sold out. It was obvious that the man was sick when I saw him in Myrtle Beach. I just read about the Oakland cancellation so I don't have all the info on what happened there.

    The only other show I've ever had cancelled on me was PopMart at Carter Finley. U2 cancelled, not because any of them were ill, but because their ginormous f***ing TV screen got wet. There were also rumors of poor ticket sales. The 360° tour looks amazing but the fact that they're carrying all that equipment out on the road, quite frankly, makes me nervous. I'm hoping that history doesn't repeat itself.

    I hope you had a good day out depsite the cancellation.
    hmm, i stopped ranking like that, but id say top 10 for sure :)
    and you can only go up from there :p
    also, i see you took some pics at alcatraz, ive been there quite a few times
    none since i moved here to SF, weird, huh?
    hello, i am i guess the "notorious Robby" :eek::lbf:
    anyways, i suppose what nugz was going on about was "the list" i was making :blushing:
    see, someone else started a thread called "Best Looking Female On Solo(w)???"
    i just compiled a list of the names and it kept growing and growing :straightface:
    once the list got to over 30 names i stopped
    here is my last post about it:
    however, were the list to be continued, you certainly would have made it :thumb:
    not that you care i am sure, but i just thought you should know since i was mentioned so much before even talking to you
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