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  • Hi Shawn,
    Just wanted to say hi! How are you? I was supposed to go to Caravan of Dreams the other day so I remembered the time we met in NY. Hope all is well & happy holidays.
    Yeah man, I'm assuming you probably know Chris and Angie. Do you know anyone else in Orange County or Portland?
    Hi Shawn!
    Just reminising about one year ago, you and I wandering the streets of Manchester! What a great adventure! I hope youhave been well!- Love, Laura : )
    Hey Shawn!
    How are you? Anything new and exciting? Can't believe our Manchester pilgrimage was nearly a year ago. Hope you have been well! - Love, Laura : )
    Hi Shawn, How are you? Are you thinking of going to LA? I may go if he does more than one show out there. I will be in the UK soon. Can't wait. Hope all is well. D
    Well, well, well. Finally getting to see Unbroken? Lucky dog! Are you going with Craig? I'm not going to make it to that show. After I heard him say "After this song we're dead", I kinda took it to heart. But maybe it's my mistake believing any bands these days. Who's not doing reunions now? The secret San Diego show and Pamona will be good enough to last me the rest of my life. How long will you be in the area? You coming back after Seattle? It would be cool to hang out.
    Hey Shawn!!
    Did you hear Mozzer's gonna play LA in December? Nothing confirmed though. Let me know if you plan on coming out. Hope things have been going well!- Love, Laura : )
    I feel your pain. I can never really get into running, I hate going in the morning, I can't do it during the day, cause it's too hot, I prefer the early evening hours, but what if I want to go out??? :confused: Yes, I have a whole set of excuses.

    How much is 3 blocks? :blushing:
    Just reading about all the incidents at the shows with Moz. Just awful... Off to father's Day dinner at my parents. take care Shawn! just think one month ago we were wandering around Manchester!!!!
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