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    Beautiful South B sides

    Re: Beautiful South B sides please , please Sent you a PM
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    Req: Hurts @ Glastonbury 2011

    I'm gonna leave these links up for a few more days before I delete them.
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    Does anyone have THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH AT THE BBC box set...

    That was the earlier one. The new one is a 4cd box set.
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    Req: Hurts @ Glastonbury 2011

    Apologies, I put up T In The Park in the previous link. Here's the red button from Glasto.
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    Req: Hurts @ Glastonbury 2011

    Please don't use this link elsewhere, by all means upload anywhere on your own link. I'll remove this at the weekend. This is the Red Button Coverage
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    The Primitives

    Relevant Radcliffe and Maconie Show (Full 3 hours but always worth a listen)
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