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    So, you like ATE...likely a good show and it is in your town. What other contemporaries do you listen to...btw do you have XM?
    As you can imagine there have been many posts about almost every aspect of Moz's life that there isn't much new to discuss. I think most Moz fans are above average when it comes to IQ, but not all. Good mix of people though. Just look at the Members Pics post.
    Somewhat...I have seen a few posts of interest.

    "The Times Troxy Morrissey Review"

    People are posting from papers...even if it is only about Moz. I was hoping that folks would delve into larger views/topics. Perhaps they do and I just haven't seen much yet. I come from a background with people from all walks of life and points of view - I am always listening and learning.

    I wanted to know if people who appreciate Moz's music are generally intelligent. I would assume so...
    Never heard of The Airborn Toxic Event. Let me look them up on youtube. I know Headliners very well. It's pretty small. I've been there a number of times. Oh yeah, I've heard them before. Just never knew the band name. They don't tell you that kinda stuff on the radio anymore. That sounds like something I would go see. I am a guy as you may have guessed. So have you warmed up to this place yet?
    O.k. -
    Don't know if you listen to The Airborne Toxic Event but they are coming to Columbia 10.08.09. Place called "Headliners".
    I think I will try to catch them in ATL. Really like them.
    (btw I am not a dude...don't think I clarified that before...if it matters...)
    No, you gotta work really hard to offend me. I think you are taking this thing too serious. I come on here to pick up little tidbits of information, enjoy a little banter and share my thoughts with other people that enjoy the same music. It's entertaining to me.
    I don't mean to come off judgmental...I am just tired of shallow people. I had hoped that people here would be more authentic. Perhaps I should give this place a fair chance...have I offended you?
    This is part of an article from R. Stone that I haven't seen posted anywhere:
    He was so smitten and I thought, ‘I can hang my movie on that look.’ It was very real, vulnerable and earnest.” But Deschanel, it turns out, had triple the responsibilities. Not only does she act, she sings in character (to Nancy Sinatra’s “Sugar Town”) and on the soundtrack, where Deschanel’s own She & Him cover the Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.” Does the Morrissey element kick up the pressure? “I guess so,” she says. “It’s a more complex song than it seems timing-wise, but he’s such a great songwriter and old fashioned in the tradition of the classics — the Gershwins and the Cole Porters — yet writing pop music. It’s classic melody and chord progression.”

    I may be very wrong about Moz-solo - if I am please enlighten me...

    Thanks for chatting with me - I find that the site is not really what I'm looking for.

    I wonder if the folks who come to Moz-solo read, or have political views, or get outside their own heads for a moment. It all seems rather shallow and pointless - and a bit of a meat-market. Which is strange to me...

    Tell me if I'm wrong...I'm just "truly disappointed". I had hoped to see some substance.
    I don't know why, it's no secret where I live. I enjoy hanging around and chatting with other people who like the same music I do. Many of the posts are duplicative, but the off-topic section is quite entertaining.
    I am noticing that many folks on this site do not indicate what part of the world they live in so you don't really get a sense of who the local Moz fans are. I am just beginning to get a sense of what this site is about. My jury is out...have you found it worthwhile?
    No, not many locally, but Charlotte isn't very far and some good shows can be had there. Our radio stations suck. I rarely listen to radio any more. Most people just like what they play incessantly on the radio.
    Seems many others are asking the same question today and coming back with similar answers. Are most folk just so spoon-fed by radio, television and charts that they don't look beyond??
    Same here. Do you get decent music shows down your way? We just had English Beat and Kings of Leon. Both were great. Just saw where Cowboy Junkies are playing Carboro in Oct. I will head that way for U2 in Oct.
    Not many at all. When I mention I like Morrissey, it usually get some strange looks usually followed by "who?". I get a few who say they remember him from the Smiths but that's about it.
    So do have you met other devotees from this part of the world? I know just a few around the area (Charlotte, NC). Most of the ones I knew back in the day I attended Architecture school with. Really developed my music world anew at that time.
    About the same for me. I was hooked to HSIN back in around 84. Of course back then i listened to most everything in that same vein, but as the years passed and bands dropped by the wayside I stuck with Moz.
    Sorry for the delay...I agree. I had tix for the Asheville show and then sprung for Durham. How far do you go back with an ear for Moz and the Smiths? My love affair began in the early 80's. Now I have dated myself somewhat...??
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