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  • Yes, it already has slowed down quite a bit already. Actually, while he was touring the U.S. it got kinda crazy with posts. All that remains is the die hard fans and some lonely souls.
    I'm laughing...(on the inside of course...)

    So, now that the YOR tour has wrapped I wonder what the forum will be has been around since 2006 so it has had to weather dry spells before. I guess we will witness how creative people can get ??:)
    Do you feel ever so special??

    There are some quick witted people on board here (I like that!) so I can see that it is occasionally amusing.
    Ok...just made the request. I assume if you respond you will show up in my "friends". You can be my first solo friend!
    Btw - I will invite you to be my friend if you like.
    I think it is all in what they are exposed to. I have played everything from Classical to Ramones for my boy since he was a baby. He also likes some really good Jazz (Stan Getz).

    I am quite an audiophile so I think I have rubbed off on him. He really likes to sing along now and paly his air guitar and drums!
    Thanks for the compliment. My little girl is 10 and we share the same birthday. She hasn't acquired the taste for Moz. I think much of that has to do with influences from my ex. She likes that top 40 crap they play on the radio. Maybe one day she will come around.
    Blackberry just alerted me to your photos. Handsome guy...lovely daughter! 41...wouldn't have thought so. How old is your daughter? My son is 8 (love of my life) :) He is beginning to appreciate some of my Smiths/Moz...his favorite song currently is "No rest for the wicked" by Cage The Elephant.
    You are too kind. I turned 41 in January. I just sent a couple from 2 weekends ago.
    The U2 show is in Raleigh, Sat. Oct 3:

    Sent a photo - my Mac is down this a.m. so I sent it from my blackberry. Low quality but that helps hide the 40+ signs :)
    Saw your photo...low 30's, mid 30's?? Can't tell...compliment to you:)

    Not sure if tix are still avail. for U2 - check Ticketmonster...have a good one!
    He might eventually enjoy Moz but he won't convert, he plays the drums and hard rock is in his blood.

    Robby cracks me up. I like pretty much everyone, some more than others. Thanks for the kind words.

    I have a picture of me out there somewhere, not sure if you have seen it, but I can send you one if you like. Just send me your picture to [email protected].

    When is that concert and where is it?
    O.k. - I am eating my cake...Muse opens for U2! What did I do to deserve this magical discovery??
    Big ups to your friend...tell him the grass is definitely greener here on the Moz and alternative side!!

    I get what you are saying about the record store experience. I miss it...where I met some of my coolest friends back in high school ( and some of my super-mad crushes!!) We have a great little place called Lunchbox Records on Central Ave. - they have live performances occasionally.

    So tell impression so far is that OMG it's Robby has a razor wit and Worm really knows his music...I think some of the folks here are amusing. You seem to be someone of interest...I appreciate you taking time to introduce me into this forum. Nice guys are sometimes a rare find.

    I don't want to post a photo of myself on the site however I can send you one just so you can put a face with "therightone". I like to know who I am talking to so I am happy to forward one.
    I just don't use iTunes. I still love walking into the record stores and buying it. We have Minifest here in town that is about 2 blocks from where I work. Sounds like they just want to squeeze more money out of their customers.

    My buddy who went to the Moz show with me called me yesterday and put the phone up to the radio (sirius) while Interesting Drug was playing, so maybe he is seeing the light. :)
    Have you seen this? I don't know if you use iTunes but this is new:


    They want more of your money!!!!

    Apple's iTunes has some major changes in store. According to reports, Apple and the four major record labels, Warner Music, EMI, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group, are teaming up to create virtual bundles with online interactive features in order to boost sales.

    What does that mean????

    The new project, named Cocktail, will include an interactive bundle, along with sleeve notes and features like photos, lyric sheets, and videos with the music downloads.

    According to one exec, "It's all about recreating the heyday of the album when you would sit around with your friends looking at the artwork while you listened to the music."

    Basically, you can play the songs directly from the interactive book and get a lot more included with your songs.

    The new project is set to launch sometime in September.
    Crap...I misspelled "sea" (see)...that is what I get for posting so late...:(
    Then you should check them out. They are playing at the Fillmore on Aug. 11th...

    I am really torn because I saw where Muse is playing in Raleigh the same night as U2- which I already have tix for. really can't have your cake and eat it too...

    Ref. your "hairband lovin'" friend...I understand. Sometimes we make sacrifices for the sake of friendship - although it is a shame he does not get Moz...
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