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    Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood High School (Mar. 2, 2013) post-show

    alma matters ouija irish blood you have killed moi novembers wretched monsters maldajusted youre the one for me fatty still ill people are the same in hollywood speedway (asleep) kimmel isnt funny anymore meat is murder please please to give everyday is sunday school action is my middle name let...
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    Acoustic cover of "Speedway"

    sweet. love it, cant wait to hear the full version.
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    My band does the 'Click Track'

    So I'm shamelessly drawing attention to my band again. We just uploaded our cover of the 'Click Track', renamed 'And You Suddenly Want More'...that rare unreleased unfinished little gem The Smiths left behind. We put lyrics on it to round it off, even if you love it or hate it I'd love to hear...
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    Kill Uncle cover 'Oscillate Wildly'

    My band has recorded a cover of 'Oscillate Wildly' and posted it up on our page. We've gotten mixed reactions, and I was just wondering what the M-Solo crowd thinks of it. Check us out!
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    New Video - All You Need Is Me

    'All You Need Is Me' video, inquiry I have watched this a few times, still all the parts where they are walking and playing outside seems SO familiar! does ANYONE have a clue of where this was filmed?? I am losing my mind.
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    Bands/Singers Morrissey Liked

    He must LOVE them since he said he wants to be buried next to Johnny's statue in Hollywood. PS. I have picked my spot as well. Right next to them both.
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    he is my second conscience.
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    Moz's Turd? What to do?!

    is that turd called "the smiths"?
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    I feel a bit for the people attending all 10 LA shows... Just how good can Morrissey be 10 nights in a row...same songs, give or take 3 or 4. i wonder if he will cut down his set from his 2 hrs + hes been doing. I hope not, theres alot of people who are only going for one night. Part of...
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    Is Kristeen Young opening througout the tour?

    There is a vast majority of the fans at the shows I've been to that talk, shout, even throw drinks at her. Its not right...sure shes different, but who in the hell could open for morrissey and be accepted? I LIKE her music, as a matter of fact i like it even more because its become so tied in...
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    Security at Palladium

    oh man, ive never been to a show here. i hope it not as bad as im thinking it will be... maybe on the last night they will let us tear the place apart...their closing it anyway!
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    Hooray for Hollywood!

    Roll call! Me and my girlfriend will be there both saturdays! who else is sharing this great exitement!!!!
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    Trouble with Ticketmaster

    keep refreshing the page i had that problem, just kept refreshing and finally got my sweet sweet tickets!:rolleyes:
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    Stressed Stressed Stressed!

    haha oops. people do stay in there seats. i saw him at the Bowl and in Pasadena earlier this year and there was no "rush." the only thing ticketbastard might do is release the REALLY good seats later. for those two shows i just mentioned, "pit tickets" went on sale probably less than a...
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    Stressed Stressed Stressed!

    unless i am mistaken you are talking about the Hollywood shows, if thats the case, breathe easy..its GA. which means that you can get to the front as long as you're amongst the first in line. but then there is the case of people who bought a 10 night package and get "front of line...
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