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    Morrissey drive in concert - would you go?

    I’d consider attending only if this Morrissey fellow believes the exact same things as I do!
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    Morrissey Central "I DON’T KNOW WHY MY MOTHER IS DEAD" (August 23, 2020)

    Seems to beg the question “Why would a multimillionaire send his mum for dodgy public healthcare?”
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    Morrissey - House Of Blues: Westwood One FLAC (July 17, 2004)

    Would a reupload be possible? It seems to be expired. Thank you and thanks to FWD :)
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    Anyone have the Phoenix / Tempe show? It might have been 1999. Either way, thank you very much!
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    Pitchfork review by Mina Tavakoli - IANADOAC 6.1/10

    Thanks for your input. It’s amazing how absurd and racist woke hipsters are when they’re trying to paint someone as a racist, isn’t it?
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    Pitchfork review by Mina Tavakoli - IANADOAC 6.1/10

    I think that the attitude toward Latin Americans might be because that part of his audience - among others - fits poorly for the woke crowd. If their M. is an islamaphobe racist chants get disrupted by facts they start to flail. And they dismiss a very large, diverse group of individuals. A lot...
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    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    I’m with you on the results left. The anti-authoritarian left. The practical left caught up with helping human beings rather than abstractions. Good to properly meet you.
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    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    Material like this flows naturally from individuals like the review’s author who refuse to research what they believe to be facts. It doesn’t help that she prefers her vision of an identity politics based world to what she allegedly set out to review honestly. Never mind that white academics...
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    IANADOAC - Flac internet leak

    Many thanks!
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    Songwriters for IANADOAC

    Matt Walker has done quite well since his Garbage and Pumpkins time. Gustavo's talent is tremendous, especially as a match for M.'s range as a singer and his recent modes of expression. More than all members of the current band, plus Solomon Walker and Anthony Burlucich (sp?), Gustavo will last.
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    Songwriters for IANADOAC

    And Ringleader! If memory serves, the bassline from "Life Is A Pigsty" was a Day contribution within a Whyte co-write. As you say Whyte's future will only continue to be bright. The list of his co-writes from prominent artists in recent years can only impress, even if one rates them as middling...
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    Songwriters for IANADOAC

    I agree in part. I think that Chicarelli's approach does M. a lot of favors while covering up weaknesses. When it comes to the band, I'd like to see the more electronic and multi-instrumental approach balanced by a more talented guitarist. Credit due to Jesse for taking his foot off the...
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