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  • yes i have asked phill to book a space for you if you want it

    Grim and lynne are going on it as well should be some fun , if you stay in glasgow there is a hotel not far from the barras which is quite cheap and ok, im going to stirling with jen (i think) but we can meet up and have pints LOL
    are you meeting us in manchester or various places around scotland ?

    i have plans for manchester if you want to get involved
    oh i started a new job well a new role in my job on monday so i have been busy all week , i havent really listened to it but it seems that it it is a corker .. i will be buying my usual pile of copies and promos when it comes out so i feel no real guilt for sneeking a listen ..

    my christmas was spent flued .. and new year was so quiet that im buying a pipe and slippers for next year .

    so what happened to your tickets , couldnt they deliver ... are you stressed
    ok mrs where have you been ???

    did you have a nice xmas and new year ...have you heard YOR yet ???

    gossip me , you are missed x
    yeah im doing it from work so i hope mine doesnt crash too ... what makes you think you wont get RAH its just one here its hardly wide spread , i think friday in manchester will be harder
    alright luv

    will you be heading to both the manchester and london citys next may for a bit of drinking tourisim and .....
    Hi Elizabeth, It's been a while, hope you are welll and looking forward to seeing Moz soon. I am hoping you get to see him at Brixton. Would you make the journey? I'm going to see your frinky boy Ryan & the Cardinals soon with Oasis. take care, Diane xo
    So its still raining and i have grown webbed feet ...

    are you going to see MLN , in any of their two world tour dates
    Hi E, How are you?:) Hope all is well. I have decided to get the Sony Cyber-Shot camera. It was a close race with the Panasonic Lumix TZ5. I am still sad about only getting 5x zoom, but it is supposed to be good in low-light. (read: good frinky pix!:D). Now they are coming out with touch-screens, but they confuse me. I need something easy and simple as not to miss any frinky shots at the moment. Speak soon, Diane:)
    Hello there! Its Michelle from Wireless, but im sure you realised that!
    Im still so happy, we were on telly!!! Did you see it?
    Anyway, hello and goodbye
    Viva Moz
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