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    worst Smiths/Morrissey song?

    On The Streets I Ran-> this song is just a theatrical work of art! I listen to it and i imagine a stage and people acting the lyrics…! Morrissey looking at the palmist saying “no, not me, this cannot be! Dear god, take him, take them, take anyone! (here he raises his arms) the stillborn… the...
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    Morrissey and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    i don't think morrissey would like to be next to lock-jaw pop stars thicker than pig shit like that timberlake or... i don't know, people who doesn't deserve to be in the HOF
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    Is Morrissey racist?

    I can't believe this! i'm no longer his fan! Morrissey should be hung up with the roughest rope (and i should keep his body ahaha how psycho!) FOOL
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    Favorite Morrissey songs to sing along to.

    as amy said TROUBLE LOVES ME!!! and strangely King leer! " didn't even thank me, because you never do!" and i also love that part " dial..." with a disdain... and just for today at amber, my invalid friend.
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    Radiohead do storming cover of Headmaster Ritual on

    as someone said above decent cover for a great smiths song... it was ok till the voice came up hehe! i like on the WPTMIM dvd when morrissey sings "...elbow in the face!" and, of course, he waves his elbow... just brilliant.
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    About the end of "DMFODV"

    King Leer: "...with a homeless chihuahua..." chihuahua is a little dog and i think the name comes from the same language than "mexico". something else?
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    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo Don't fight, let me win :P actually i think that i saw her first :P
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    Funny stalker article

    ahahaha oye esteban with a "b", not "v" (not even "ph")
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    Are the other three smiths members vegans?

    From "Johnny Marr designed the PF Flyers Center Lo sneaker himself in luxurious dark blue leather with black accents. To top off this collaboration, Marr’s signature is laser etched on the tongue of each and every shoe. Only 108 pairs of this limited-edition sneaker will be...
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    does this guy look like morrissey??

    ahahahaha the woman looks like marr! poor woman...
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    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo Whoaaa! i love her! i fouynd that pic when i uploaded mine and i fell in love with that girl! she's my wallpaper (on the computer, of course) please, please, please be a member of m-solo! she's so cute...!
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    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo i got this with the old english font that appears on the WPTMIM DVD:
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    Funny stalker article

    mmm... wasn't very funny, actually i got bored at the half of it i rather watching the movie when it comes out :P (i know that article is gonna be a bestseller!)
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    Are the other three smiths members vegans?

    I was watching marr's web page and he designed some sportshoes made of leather and this question came up to me... wasn't he vegan? what about rourke and joyce? at least vegetarians? i don't know...
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    Hey Tbevie, i must confess that i impressed some of your artwork and i sticked'em on my bedroom's wall, i hope u don't mind ;) Felipe.
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