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  • concering your thread in offtopic
    also a bit on public transport
    tip if you dont wanna go to the whole thread : train ticket s you should bu a few days in advance its much cheaper more than the half CPMPARES AS WHEN YOU BUY THEM THE SAME DAY YOU TRAVELING
    so alot if you dont take the plan from london to manchester

    buses are much cheaper but longer
    like it took th "megabus" from edinburgh to london for 10 pound
    if you dont have problems staying in hostels try them looat hostelbookers etc
    i stayed in astor victoria which is one station away from vauxhall;-)
    have fun.
    Scarlet, may I ask how you are getting to Manchester? Are you flying in there from the US? The reason is that I am trying to figure a way from London, just waiting for the train tix to come down to a reasonable price.
    Enjoy your trip to Manchester! I'm going in October. My husband also said he wants to "eat lunch in Dublin", but I told him not to dare take any time away from Manchester!! :0)
    Where are you staying in Manchester? -- Diane
    That whole thing about you not being able to give out your address, so that someone can buy something from you is pretty stupid IMHO. Do you not get bills in the mail? or maybe magazines? Not everyone you come in contact w/is a "stalker". Morrissey lived in L.A. for years, despite folks knowing where he lived, and his address, and he managed to do it, I still dont understand what the big deal is?

    I guess we both lose out.
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