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  • Hi Scarlet!
    I have been admiring your avatar of your tattoo! Would love to hear the story of it! Is it new? Someone asked me last week if I had any tattoos. I said "No- not a fan of pain. I can't think of too many things I would want permanently on my body. But if Morrissey signed my arm I'd be at the nearest tattoo parlor in a flash!" He just laughed and said that would be cool. So happy for you!- Laura:)
    Hi Scarlet, I'm pretty sure you have given Morrissey a t-shirt before. What size did you give him ? I am thinking about giving him a t-shirt but not too sure what size. :)
    scarlet..i have i said that i freakin LOVE your's sooo f***in great!!!!!!aww..i'm jealous..haha..for the first time..!!:)..

    it suits you..damn..i also have to do this ..but not with the original letters..,unfortunately..but i think i'll do it..

    xoxo miry
    Hey Scarlet just wondering if you ever got my last message I'm not sure if I sent it! If you did its okay!! hehe I was just wondering if it sent or not because it never informs me if it did:confused:
    Scarlet, meeting you was a highlight :) Not sure I will travel again for a Moz show (I'm $pent) but I'll always see him in my hometown. :cool: We must meet again so I can see that tatt :D

    But darling, that thread and me becoming one was an april fools joke :o I asked the mods & david T to play along :D
    Hey there I just wanted to ask how did you get a chance meet the Moz man himself? Was it before or after the show? I hope to one day at least get a chance to meet him :(

    Treasure that moment forever, lovely lovely pic! :)
    Wow, Scarlet...your picture with Morrissey :sweet: It's amazing! What a wonderful thing to wake up to :) I know you're still dreaming about it :D He looks fabulous, old Hollywood glamour-like. I take it you didn't rush out to get his sig tattooed? Well, CONGRATS to always seem to meet the coolest people :D Would love to tag along with you someday ;) Hope UR well!
    Hey I caught a few of your clips from last night's show on youtube. Great stuff! Thanks. Did you happen to record anything from It's Not Your Birthday Anymore??
    Hi Scarlet!
    I just saw your thread regarding the elections and wanted to let you know I can completely empathize with you. Here in CA there are all these measures on the ballot that are emotionally charged and I get so angry when i see lies and misleading information passed out by the religious right. It is scary and I totally agree with you. So much of it does appear evil and not only that but ignorant. I got in a fight at my meditation class last month over that awful and very evil Palin. There were people out promoting their hate on the street corners here and I booed and gave them a thumbs down as we drove by. It seems to be permeating everything and it is sickening and stressful. I wish you well and if you ever want to talk I am here! - Laura : )
    FYI- after being hacked in Solow I had to get another user name, and so, I am just iamkali. Be mah friend! :o)
    hello, that soon. you be perfectly fine:) I can understand that, but i suppose/understand you have left her in the best possible care (grandparents?), she will be having fun & forgot your gone for a while, she will be fine:) calm down (easier said then done) and your back will be fine.
    because we are great here;)
    oh it was really dull....just toasted white bread! but the full english can be served anytime of day and really sorts you out after a heavy nights drinky, seriously it does help & there is veggie versions too!
    good morning btw :)X
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