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  • no, we haven't met, but u stand up for andy so that makes me happy cause andy makes me happy
    happy birthday!

    moz brought you a flower
    MOZ is ecstatic after he had received your party invitation for the weekend
    the flowers he bought you as a present..well he decided it looks better stuffed in his backpocket
    he also had practised a dance sequence with johnny for you
    because he did the dance for an hour
    you told him to leave so he did this to allow an extended stay
    gifs+caps created by dicartwright
    i had a dream 2 nights before, that my mom had a friend sleep over. and they slept on the floor next to me. when i woke up, i seen their tattoos and their arm was exactly like yours. i didnt know a morrissey fan was sleeping over... it was a guy too, and he had a morrissey tattooo on his head too. i woke up and was extremely happy so before he woke up, i cleaned the house and played who put the M in manchester for him to wake up to. he had the same tattoo you had. so basically to sumarize my dream. i had a dream of your tattoo
    Isn't there some kind of unwritten Solo rule where if you dislike Corrissey then you automatically lose? Since everyone knows she's kind of the best person evarrr? If not there should be.

    :blushing: :flowers: Thank you, dearie. :)

    I bought a snazzy new handbag to carry your vendettas in. :)
    HIYA! Hey, I was trying to decide which youtube version of Something is Squeezing My Skull to send my parents with a few other songs by various artists to disprove their theory that I like no music produced since 1989. Is that you on the far side of the front row on the Jimmy Kimmel Show clip? I didn't want to ask you in the forums in case it wasn't!!! o (It wasn't so everybody else, ignore this message!!!)
    Woah, I started using an exfoiliating facial scrub cause of what you said in the beauty thread...I can already see some difference :] nice tip, ta!
    Julie! Is that you?! It's Karrie from facebook! I'm there now more than here but I recognized your pic of when you met Moz this yr and thought I ought to write ya and add ya as a friend seeing as we already have made our acquaintences on fb :)
    Hi, thanks for the add :). As the others below have said, your tattoo is pretty awesome, as is your sig of Moz signing your arm- lucky!
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