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    Article: Forthcoming Colbert Report details; Morrissey to be interviewed by Victoria Wood for Britis

    Very exciting stuff! I know the Colbert Report no longer runs on UK tv, but does anyone know where the Victoria Wood interview may be aired? Many Thanks, Max
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    Morrissey frame/posters

    I'm actually in Greater London, Surrey, I can travel though. What posters are they? :)
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    Morrissey frame/posters

    Mmm yeah I thought about doing that, but didnt know if I should, I think I will now. Thanks for the advice :)
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    Morrissey frame/posters

    Hi guys, if someone could let me know where I can purchase some Morrissey/Smiths framed items, or posters, I'd be more than grateful. I've tried Amazon and they dont seem to have many, and it would be great to have a wider variety. I'm sure there's someone out there that can help, Thanks
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