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    As Friends Rust - Last of the Famous International Scumbags

    It’s fashionable to pile on at the moment. However, a reasonable number of his statements and predictions are being proved prophetic at the moment
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    Cure interview in Irish Times mentions Moz

    I saw The Cure on their last tour through Charlotte, NC. They played 35 songs. They played for 3 hours. You are incorrect regarding the greatest hits comment. Yes, they play their popular songs. Like Morrissey, they have about 40-50 songs (not including The Smiths’ songs) that M solo fans would...
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    Article in The New European "Morrissey Is Dead" by Nicholas Barrett (more nuanced than the headline)

    Undoubtedly a self-proclaimed “superfan,” as it is quite apparent from his picture that he was likely an infant or not yet born in the early 90s when the picture chosen was snapped. The pile-on gang of “fans” who are also media or public figures/musicians is a tired act. This brings me to Colin...
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    Newcastle - Metro Radio Arena (Feb. 23, 2018) post-show

    Can’t believe the show has gone on. I fully expected a cancellation to make room for the Nigel Farage speech in DC at CPAC.
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    Morrissey teams up with PETA for ‘Holidays Are Murder on Turkeys’ Campaign

    Morrissey- never play Jimmy Kimmel's show again....ever....gross indeed from Vulture online: The other day, I had a foie gras hot dog,” says Jimmy Kimmel, dressed in a gray hoodie and baggy jeans, sitting in a makeshift office at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where he was hosting a week of his...
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    "The Queen Is Dead" Box Set promo items (slipmat, tote) & Joyce competition

    You f***ing coward- put a username and a location on here. We’ll hash out the details... in the interim, hide behind your computer screen- you are a disgusting scab on humanity’s ass
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    "The Queen Is Dead" Box Set promo items (slipmat, tote) & Joyce competition

    If only Joyce had been bludgeoned by the wimpy bedroom shadow boxer in the Playboys video. His pathetic path as a token session musician and devious, truculent, and unreliable Northern leech would have been avoided. I despise this guy. He is stuck in time and...
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    Morrissey on C à vous‏ (France 5 TV) tonight Oct. 9, 2017 8pm - BMG France

    It appears that Morrissey and the boys happened upon a very strange diner and played a song. Gosh- that was so bizarre and awkward at the beginning. I do appreciate the effort, especially the BBC performance. That was unexpected and really outstanding. I just don’t understand the need to promote...
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    20 Years Ago: Morrissey loses a court battle, then loses his way on ‘Maladjusted’ by Nick DeRiso

    Few artists would attempt such a departure from the catchy, quick-paced rock and rockabilly sound that pleasantly permeated Vauxhall, Southpaw, Uncle, Viva Hate, and especially, Your Arsenal. The song, Maladjusted, is one of my favorite Morrissey songs despite the fact that I thought I had...
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    Do we really need a Morrissey biopic right now? His England is not ours-Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian

    Completely off base and there is hardly a cogent portion in this drivel-laden, attempted argument. Morrissey, pre-Smiths, is to many, myself included, the most important Morrissey. Out of that conflicted figure emerged every lyric, every joyful moment with his music, and every concert (been to...
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    SER denies driving car, names officer in FB comments; Morrissey quoted in article

    This is insane. I can't wait for this to be captured in lyrics. It will be so awkwardly brilliant. He should have produced the key to the city of Tel Aviv when was asked for papers.
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    "England Is Mine" trailer

    Jessica Brown Findlay is stunning. Linder Sterling...not so much...Excellent choice to change the title- "England is Mine" is such an important sentiment from Still Ill and a very early iteration of The Smiths. I know M had the shaggy hair, but it is distracting. I actually get annoyed looking...
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    Morrissey Official Facebook new photo: 'It's on!'

    He is wearing a Nike Juventus football jacket. They played Real Madrid today in Cardiff. I think that's it. - Gigi Buffon
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