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Apr 8, 2019
May 16, 2006
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Apr 8, 2019
    1. Brummie's Voice
      Brummie's Voice
      Hi Andy, I'm still getting to grips with this new Moz-solo layout so only just realised you had replied.
      I left Manchester in 2005 to move in with Radar O'Reilley in his Nottingham abode. Remember him? Anyway, we split up earlier on this year so I'm sticking around in Nottingham for a bit longer but it's a boring place to be honest so I don't want to stay long-term. Hopefully the library qualification I am working towards will equip me enough to apply for a few librarian jobs that will take me to a new destination.

      I still keep in touch with your punk nemesis, Patrick McCann, and we arranged to meet at the S&G last week so it was great to see him. He still talks of the punk wars, bless him. Saw a few other old pals. I am hoping to go up again early next year.

      So what are you up to? Are you still in the London area? Are you worshipping a new God in the form of Harry Rednapp?

      Speak soon
      Jo xx
    2. Brummie's Voice
      Brummie's Voice
      Hello my old friend!
      I've just re-registered after several years but someone else has taken the name Bluenose, so I've had to abbreviate the amusing (to me, anyway) Don't Make Fun Of Brummie's Voice.
      How the hell are you? Are you a proper copper now? I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) to read you have a junior member....

      Jo xx
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