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    the sound

    Couldn't agree more :guitar:
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    Favorite Scott Walker song?

    I grew up with The Walkers Bros. and became a Scott fan from then. His solo albums were a joy. Fabulous orchestrations, songs with the bonus of him introducing my generation of kids to J.Brel But Scott's latest stuff is beyond me. Scott Walker. Morressey/The Smiths P.J.Proby. Would be the...
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    Scott Walker

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    Scott Walker

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    Scott Walker

    Superb beautiful music.
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    Scott Walker

    My thoughts absolutely
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    Scott Walker - 30th Centuary Man (BBC4 on friday)

    Oh man if only it were here in my country.:( And MONTAGUE TERRACE (in blue) is one of my fav Scott Walker numbers
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    Ian Curtis Film 'Control' On DVD 11th February

    thanks guys the wife bio sounds the one ?:cool:
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    In search for really sad music...

    Oh dear, are you trying to be provocative or just reveal your tunnel vision. I see you are a senior member here. And I have just joined so I will say no more. Your outburst speaks for itself. Jamie Cullan live at Blenheim Palace is a DVD that really shows his talent as a musician. He does not...
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    Ian Curtis Film 'Control' On DVD 11th February

    Is there a bio of New Order or Ian Curtis? please anyone. ???????????????????:confused:
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    Ian Curtis Film 'Control' On DVD 11th February

    Thanks for that I had made a booboo and not my usual spelling
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    In search for really sad music...

    WoW! how spooky's that! I had never really listened to the lyric's before. Thanks for taking the trouble t post them. Have you heard the version by Jamie Cullan DVD live at Blenheim Palace of 'Lover You Should Have Come Over' a Jeff Buckley song.
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    Clues from an old snapshot solve drowning mystery

    What a tragic but beautiful story, I read every word. Thanks for taking the trouble of posting it.
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I am trying to find my way around this site. Playing my 'Suedehead' CD on my computer while I write this. Someone asked on another thread 'Whats our favorite song was of Morrissey's Oh Irish bloody English hearts up there too , actually its endless isn't it. But I 'm going off thread here. So...
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