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    Morrissey - Live at Maida Vale

    They weren't performed. Before "All The Young People" Morrissey said something like "Judging on that clock on the wall [behind us] this will be the last song". Which is why you hear him say "On the dot!" at the end of the gig. They left the stage and that was it.
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    Anybody win tickets for BBC 6 Music Live?

    My wife won 2 tickets :)
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    The Mumbles: "The Dust Left Behind" (New Album!)

    Mick Mercer review: When I first wrote about this band I was shocked by the lack of interest, which bordered on derisive suspicion. They bravely announce themselves on their business card as Gothic Orientated Piano Rock, which is far more modern and interesting as a concept than the majority...
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    The Mumbles: "The Dust Left Behind" (New Album!)

    The Mumbles have now completed their new album, "The Dust Left Behind". Stylistically it is a progression from 2008's "The Wire" and follows the rules set out by "Night Train". The album contains eleven songs and will be released on November 30th 2009. Some tracks from the album can be heard...
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    Unloading my (modest) vault of Smiths/Morrissey unreleased versions

    Brilliant thread, thanks for all the sharing! :D
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    Req: Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United MP3

    Wow, great quality bootleg! I'd love to have an .aiff copy of Striptease without the jump :D
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    Royal Albert Hall show cancelled 11/05/09

    Re: Royal Albert Hall show cancelled tonight Balls.
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    Average age of Moz gig-goers

    I'm 19 and tonight will be my 3rd Moz gig :D
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