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    Used to be another song?
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    Used to be another song?

    Anyone recognise the melody:
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    São Paulo - Teatro Renault (Nov. 17, 2015) post-show

    It could be interesting to see how the Argentinian Crowd reacts to the Image of the Queen
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    Morrissey fan photos in Rome

    Is he going for the Eamon Andrews look?
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    TTY chart hints

    Each Time You Buy the Album You Support The Process
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    Morrissey blog post on bullfighting, album stream to be posted on PETA US website

    It's a shame the song is so underwhelming. I know it's a simple message, but come on Moz it's a pretty weak effort. You must try harder.
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    Moz lookalikes
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    A Suede reunion: Bernard or Richard?

    Bernard by a mile Did you not hear The Tears?
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    Blasphemy! . . 10 Ales, Mary!
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    Three or us are travelling down on thain from Reading . . prefer to drinking Ales so the unglamorous glue pot sounds a good bet. May also have a spare ticket so wll keep you let you know if it becomes available.
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    you don't need a comma after singular
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    What will morrissey have written on his gravestone?

    Morrissey - Cancelled due to Ill Health
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