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    Song title game

    Goodnight,travel well - the killers
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    Bootleg Vinyl Rips

    wow,amazing post thanks :D :)
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    Best cover ever

    great cover,my favorite one is radiohead's take on headmaster ritual
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    NME Smiths special June 2003

    yeah,i find myself flicking through alot of pointless crap artists nowadays in NME :/ havn't got that issue mate,but i really hope that someone has it,id love to read it again too :)
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    Morrissey Glastonbury Festival 2004

    thanks for sharing this :)
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    Pet Shop Boys folder

    nice one,PSB are amazing 8-)
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    What song are you listening to right now? ^it's a song by The Maccabees called young lions,i would of posted the video,but i can't find out how to get it to show up :(
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