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  • Haha it's been 15 years since I've been on this site, and I'm going to be 30 next month and I currently have my 8mo son asleep on my chest.


    (Also it's so funny to look back on my old pms and see ppl complaining about a teenager complaining in complaining threads. as though all of us weren't fans of Morrissey, king of complaining 😭)
    I miss talking to you as well, Moz- So Low has been the same. Same topics, same as always. Morrissey has released Swords and a special vinyl of unreleased songs. They're great. Well the vinyl wasn't released by him.

    If you have a facebook or AIM lemme know.

    we used to talk on AIM and stuff
    a flower for you...
    Happy birthday!

    i remember the last time you celebrated your birthday one of thr gifts you wanted from your parents was the morrissey-shot book ..did you got that in the end from them last year?
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