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  • found it the thirf interview(b/w fanzine "underground", January 27, 2009, 08:24 PM)
    let me ask you one thing -how do you came a cross it(or parts of it)-if i can understand you right through my photobucket account? my account is actually private so i wonder how did you acess it then?
    hope you like the fanzine..its interesting esp since johnny joins in
    greets from hamburg to?
    unfortiunately i dont know which interview you mean can you give me the links of the interview(with the pure as driven slush mention) cause as you said you have 3 pages of them so i know which interview you mean?its not in dutch but in english yes? thnks
    edit: maybe you went to another photobucket? cause i had problems with the dutch interview uploading so jose uploaded it for me on her site and also translated it
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