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    Why the hell are any of us still here?

    God knows, it's force of habit visiting here. Today is the first time I've looked at the forums for years. I miss the chat room of old (circa 2000). I still look at the main news every couple of weeks.
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    Boy for my Birthday - Dale Hibbert Q&A

    Great to hear this in full after so long, Dale. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.
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    Peter Doherty talks art, blues and Gibson guitars; mentions Morrissey and Marr - Gibson

    Cemetry Gates was written in Marr's kitchen that way, I think :)
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    Stephen Street tweets about "Suedehead" in live set

    yes, I can see both sides of this. I suppose the crux of the matter is whether or not the interpretation of the part is true or sympathetic to the song. I think there's a fine line, especially with bass lines as they do create part of the harmony of the music which, if changed too dramatically...
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    Stephen Street tweets about "Suedehead" in live set

    It seems unfathomable to me (as a guitar player), why any bass player would tour with any band playing one of their famous hits live and play something different. Surely, you would sit down with your bass, listen to the song and learn the parts exactly section by section? The first band I ever...
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    "List of the Lost" cover art, press release, release date (Sep. 24, 2015) - Penguin UK, TTY

    Cover photo has a pretty good resemblance to Moz in the Alma Matters video with his cropped hair :)
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    "Biggest Band Break Ups and Make Ups" (BBC 4) features The Smiths

    I never knew that either until I read this book. The reviews on Amazon (some of them), said that there was nothing more to really add to The Severed Alliance, but I found this book to be the most informative and interesting book since The Songs That Saved Your Life by Simon Goddard. I waited...
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    Johnny Marr asked about Morrissey's new album in NME (June 14, 2014)

    Marr's last 'The Messenger' album is fantastic, his playing has lost nothing and some of the current music he is writing is matching anything else he's ever done. Like Morrissey, he doesn't feel the need or see the point in reforming or dwelling on the past. I don't know what would have become...
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    Johnny Marr was on Tonight Show 4/26

    Johnny's new collaboration from the Spiderman movie with Pharrell Williams called Here is excellent. You can clearly hear his beautiful acoustic playing. Johnny's solo album was brilliant, the songwriting, guitar playing and tone on there was incredible on songs like New Town Velocity and his...
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    Young Morrissey sitting on a car

    Morrissey's family were far from 'upper middle-class', as has been suggested on this thread. As a kid I lived in Whalley Range just a mile or so down the other end of Kings Road at that time, I knew some of his relatives and I had family in the avenue just near Mozzer's house and around...
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    Topics not covered in the autobiography that you wanted to read about?

    I suppose the Simon Goddard book is the one for the 'inside-track' on the songs and the early beginnings, and Johnny's vivid contribution is excellent in there and trounces Rogan's previous version of events, but it is truly missing Morrissey's thoughts and memories of the songs as they took...
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    Topics not covered in the autobiography that you wanted to read about?

    I'm part-way through the book and found the beginning parts really interesting about family life when he was very young and some of his teenage years. I became less interested in whole sections about this or that film or book where he seems to go into great detail, sometimes over several pages...
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    Smiths bass player Dale Hibbert opens Todmorden coffee bar (video) -

    The simple fact is that he was used for his connection to the studio so the band could get free studio time. He could barely play the bass and mike said johnny had to show him where to put his fingers. He was a crap player, that's why they got rid of him.
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    Johnny Marr on songwriting and The Smiths - The Guardian

    Some of them talk a load of washy bollocks in that article. I like the way Johnny goes into detail about his songs, and in TV interviews he actually demonstrates how he did it. Far more interesting than some talking about the social or political situation when the song was written which has...
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