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    Southpaw Grammar 2009: Digipack?

    yes there is a digipack version of southpaw, much like the maladjusted one. i have both. the southpaw digipack has a sticker saying 'legacy edition' but i'm not sure if that sticker is used exclusively for the digipack version. but it is different from the sticker that's on maladjusted. hope...
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    picture of all morrissey/smiths releases

    thanx alf that's the one i've been looking for. i think. or it must have looked very similar. :) @kewpie: i know about those sites, i'm a long time resident here (with a recent account), but my photoshop skills are not good enough to put something together myself. but thank you for the input...
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    picture of all morrissey/smiths releases

    does anyone have a mozaik of all the covers of all the albums & singles? i stumbled upon one once, but i can't find it anymore. thank you. also my photoshop skills don't allow me to make one myself.
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    HURTS - So far

    could some reup that sendspace download posted by houseofleaves? would be awesome i've been looking for that happiness song. thanx.
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    10 Artists to watch in 2010

    the guy behind cold cave, wes eisold, is a pretty big morrissey/smiths fan. he used to be in a hardcore band that was called american nightmare, later renamed as give up the ghost. his lyrics were a bit of a revolution in the hardcore community, he was very much inspired by morrissey. the same...
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    Richard Hawley

    thanx kewpie, i tried the search function, but ... thanx both.
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    Richard Hawley

    earlier this week, i found this on wikipedia does anyone know more about this. truth or just a myth? i hope it's not, because i love thos idiosyncracies that make mozz who he is.
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    Henry Rollins makes me sick

    what an amazing story. unfortunately the video doesn't work for me. i don't know if you know dissonance radio, they have podcasts with some really cool guests (ian mackaye, dave smalley etc) who talk everything hardcore punkrock etc
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    Henry Rollins makes me sick

    whether personal feelings are in play or not, that video either proves rollins is a hypocrite or he forgot about his own past. if anyone here ever read 'get in the van' - a book by rollins about his time as lead singer for black flag -, you will know what i mean ... it's his personal sob-story...
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    Unbroken reunion show nod to Morrissey

    hey, they used to do that in the '90's too, there's a video clip on youtube i think if you search for 'unbroken & the more you ignore me' you'll find it. too bad the reunions haven't made it to europe, but then again the video from the chicago reunion is wasn't that good.
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    Smiths...Best I & II limited edition wooden boxes

    brilliant? yes ... but not original releases.
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    Morrissey revelation LP

    i ordered mine last week (monday) from apexrecords and got it yesterday. that's fast shipping, espec because of the holidays. oh, i'm a euro.
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    Should Moz retire?

    something that crossed my mind last night when i found out about the news: he has been playing a lot of shows this year, and there have been quite a few cancellations. maybe moz is really really ill -something only the band/management knows about- and that's why he's been doing so many shows...
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    The Queens Is Dead was recorded at Jacobs Studios, Surrey

    well, i kinda know 'vaux' as a band ... i could be wrong but i think i've seen you guys play a few years back. i never really was into it, but mainly because i didn't give it a chance ... you guys are/were part of the thrice/getupkids/jimmyeatworld/atthedrivein/glassjaw-generation, and i...
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