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  • haha. was that sarcastic? even if it wasnt, I dont remember you being adamantly opposed to him. im actually a little disappointed in what he has/hasnt done, but hes definitely not the f***ing anti christ like some make him to be.
    ugh, when I was little and people had funny rhyming nicknames or whatever that's what I got called because nothing rhymes with Rachel and they knew it from that show... unfortunately it stuck!
    I know!!! It's a great pic of him <333

    Was looking for pics of the movie Giant because I'm ranking films at another site... had never seen this image b4 till then, so I fell in love with it instantly....

    How you been??? glad to see you back =)
    Haha NO. No one does! Mannnn it pisses me off. Won't leave me alone!
    I'm good, how are you my dear?
    ahhh, you're one of THOSE, who gets all the stupid holidays off. i hate you people.:swear:
    I wish! If I could, I would. However I am a poor student and have no money whatsoever. As soon as I get money i'll do the Kerouac tour of the states. You know, the really pretentious one that everyone does as soon as they've read On The Road... haha.

    I wish I lived in CA! I've never been... however i'm gonna be in NYC in easter. Can't wait! I disagree about relationships though. When they're right, they're amazing. Especially with a hot Moz fan who'll buy you tickets to gigs.

    Nah man it was pretty cool! He is a bit of a weenie (i don't think i've ever used that word before in my life) but he's MET MORRISSEY, so that just does it for me. I'm sick of dating though it's crapppppppp. Urgh.
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