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    Westlife split up

    Thank heaven for small mercies!!
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    Who else here loves Yvonne ?

    I was about to say yes - but only 'cos for a minute I thought you meant Yvonne Neve Carroll (of Red Painted Red fame)
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    Sinead O'Connor says she has "a big fat flappy fanny"

    Nobody gets any younger - all body parts change with time - we just gotta live and die with it
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    Culture EU regulators vote to extend music copyright for another 20 years

    If only the August rioters had done their job - revolution first, redistribution of material wealth later - then there wouldn't be an acquisite, destructive, self-absorbed middle class right-wing piece of shit left alive to benefit from this "law".
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    Apple is a "digital vampire" and illegal downloading is theft, Pete Townshend argues

    Re: Apple is a "digital vampire" and illegal downloading is theft, Pete Townshend arg Blah blah. The revolt against capitalism is gathering speed. Everyone is realising that there is no such thing as intellectual property - and that copyrighting itself is antithetical to freedom of speech...
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    Siouxsie and the Banshees 20-disc ‘mega’ box set with 11 albums, live DVDs in works

    Re: Siouxsie and the Banshees 20-disc ‘mega’ box set with 11 albums, live DVDs in wor Who the hell can afford these massively expensive wastes of plastic and paper? Just release the DVD separately - don't rip us off to the tune of $200. Especially since we've all got DVDR copies of the...
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    Death In June

    RB rolls eyes at Madcap's post - the people reading this are all well-read enough to know that what "They" say about Douglas's politics is far from accurate. Lost touch with DI6 after the strife with the Pigs - still listen to Take Care/Hummingbird, TWTS, Brown Book, Sacrifice and Guilty Have...
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    Democrats proved again why they are repugnant

    What a laugh - a supporter of the Repugnacunt party complaining about infringement of freedom of speech! The party that gave us Watergate, the Department of Domestic Diplomacy, most members of the late unlamented PMRC, collaborated uncritically with CoIntelPro, extended the copyright...
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    10 years old girl gives a birth to a baby girl >_<

    If the puberty age is declining - why do people think that's a horror? Isn't it just because self-knowledge is power and that's why parents don't want their kids to acquire any of it...because their whole sense of identity is bound up with exerting absolute power over their...
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    Magical Pig Photography

    "magical pig"? i don't see no sofa...
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    Is A-B-C easy like 1-2-3 or simple like do-re-mi?

    Or is it as easy to learn as murder by numbers No-one's cracked the old joke yet:- Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start When you sing you begin with do-re-mi When you f*** you begin with sodomy
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    Is the Pulp reunion turning out to be a big wasted opportunity?

    And to make matters worse, they're reissuing the Fire albums but NOT putting that pesky Masters b-side back in its proper place. NOR are they restoring the likes of Coy Mistress, Everybody's Problem, What Do You Say...etc - never mind Srpski Jeb and all those other 1984-5 rarities. They've...
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    Tim Buckley – Tim Buckley [Reissue] (2011)

    Fine: but now let's get an actual CD reissue of Starsailor - preferably with a bonus disc of live stuff with the Gardner Bros & co (remember, Rhino Records, if you don't have the stuff on tape, you can always "beat the boots").
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    Amy Winehouse is dead

    What was so great about AW, really? I didn't notice this media overkill of tributes and discussions in every paper, every magazine, when Captain Beefheart died. Amy sang some R&B, got wasted in public, and then died. Whereas Don sang some R&B, got wasted in private, and then invented a new...
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    The Fall - any fans???

    Yes - vintage Fall anyway. Mark's been an embarrassment to his younger self for going on two decades, but the surreal-paranoid poetics and hi-tension edge-of-chaos sonics of 1977-82 Fall will never date. And the (first) Brix era has its moments too.
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