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  • Hi Ray, yeah it is. Thanks for taking a moment to have a look. I'm going to be completing a comic book on Morrissey fans in the next two weeks and will post the pages online. Have a ganders if you have the time :)
    He is always amazing. ;)

    When I get my 'pooter up and running (I'm borrowing one until mine is repaired), I'll send you some pictures. :D
    that's true. i've only been able to get mine to look good a few times and it's usually by accident.
    It would be hard for me to pick, too. I see you like a lot of the older stuff. I think the original Night of the Living Dead is way scarier than the remake. It always is when things are left to the imagination.

    Please tell me you're a Vincent Price fan.

    "Sing your life. . ." :)

    Do you record or perform? Or both? What genre would you place yourself under? I see that you're a Rockabilly fan.
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