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  • Oh, i just noticed your message right now!! Krakow sounds great,any other plans? Please keep in touch dear, hope all swell :)
    Greetings, Martina x

    Yes this is true. It was partly just a whim, and i feel a bit bad about it now. i did not mean to offend anyone.
    I am doing very well! Went one week to Krakow, wonderful as always.
    i hope you'er doing fine to!

    Magnus how are you doing, saw that you're on facebook only for business :p
    Hope you are well and enjoying some holidays :)
    its a pretty cheesy horse book..remember i was a young kid:o
    "britta" by lisbeth pahnke..a lot of these horsebooks I did read then were located in sweden though...
    no"I still can not speak".... swedish;-)
    a few words danish. tak , tjekket,hej, the abc, numbers..etc
    I used to live in flensburg (at the border to denmark) for 3 years...

    i hope Häftigt really means cool!;)
    Häftig? Well sometimes maybe! pratar du svenska?

    What book?? Please tell me. i should know this but I can't recall one single child book about Malmö..
    No...not really...but tack!(concerning the female frink.)
    I leave that to the" real hotties"as the young ones say:p)
    but you should post yourself at the male aquivalent ..you have no reason to be shy about showing yourself..you are " Häftigt":D
    your hometown btw brings back memories of my favourite child book....
    Oh thank you very much! (Blush.)
    You know, I sort of browse around here a bit, but I never post anything. I'm to shy.
    I'm sure you're a female frink - if there is such a thing.
    may i be the rthe first one to greet you?
    where are you you from,my dear?
    greets from rainy hamburg
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