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  • hi iam watching the 60ties british series the prisoner andwondered if you lift your username from that brilliant series
    Hello Kevin. I was up early so decided to get my train. Hope you got your's ok.

    United what a shower.. I' ve got a Leeds ticket for october but will probably get Sheffield as well..Nice to hear from you enjoy your Pixies(I think you mentioned them)

    Cheers Ray..
    Hey! Are you Ray? Im Kevin, from the bar in Brittania, after Morrissey gig in Manchester!

    Sorry didnt go for a wander in the morning, didnt know if you had left before me or not!

    Had good banter in the bar talkin about Mozza and United n that! How are you doin?

    Been to see him since or they not been yet? think i might come down England again to see him in October, think Sheffield still have tickets so might go there!
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