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    Camera Obscura UK tour dates Spring 07

    gonna see them in s.f. this friday. cannae wait - they were fantastic last fall.
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    The Beautiful South Have Split Up

    i opened for the beautiful south back in 92/92 - the horn players were the greatest but the rest of the band were drunk and complete and utter assholes. i LOVED them til then but after that they left a really sour taste in the mouth. i'll take that setlist, skinny! :)
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    Camera Obscura

    "razzle dazzle rose" is prolly my fave song on the album and was AMAZING live. a fantastic gig, if you get the chance to see them. it's cooler amongst the arms-folded indie types to like "underachievers please try harder", their previous album, but i like "let's get out of this country" better...
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    One of the best songs ever written...

    my fave is "suzanne". good god, i love that song. neil diamond did a really good version of it in the early 70s as well.
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    For Depeche Mode fans

    this is awesome. 90% of my dm stuff is vinyl so this would be great. been listening to the old stuff a lot lately - "shout!" and "fools" in particular.
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    The Blow Monkeys

    their first album is pure pop genius. i adore that album. "heaven is a place i'm moving to" is a stunner. i've listened to it recently and don't quite see the smiths reference as fully as you do, though some passages definitely bear resemblance.
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    Members Pics

    as a san francisco bay area native, i've gotta tell you that "viva haight" is brilliant. :)
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    band touring the uk in may - manchester venues?

    hello all. my band will be travelling to the u.k. in may to play a couple of dates in liverpool and we want to set up a date in manchester as well. can anyone suggest any good live music venues/clubs/pubs? many thanks in advance! :)
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    Jesus & Mary Chain - Live In Heaven 1987

    there's usually a setting in the preferences where you can determine the length between songs. setting that to "0" should do the trick with most burning programs.
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    Brett Anderson

    Re: Scorpio Rising brett really surprised me here too - really interesting chord changes and passing notes, all played really fluidly. yer ravi shankar comment is really hyperbolic, but there's no doubt he's got serious talent playing-wise. i'd really like to see more of that.
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    Iggy Pop's 18 Page Rider

    would have LOVED to have seen that!
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    Iggy Pop's 18 Page Rider

    iggy would beat the crap out of his mother if she was the promoter and didn't provide the bob hope lookalike. he's a tough one.
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    Best 60s artists

    i'm a total freak for 60s music - this list, while having some great bands, didn't hit really any of the bands/artists that do it for me. the millennium sagittarius the association free design the ballroom marvin gaye bob lind the goldebriars orpheus name a few. long live...
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    Northside have reformed!

    northside were such a good time. i'd LOVE to see 'em out here.
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    Oasis' New Song

    aly panic, you are lucky this is so damn funny - otherwise you'd be up for some lashes... :)
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