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  • I'm going to 10:o all the scottish dates, hartlepool manchester and london:D.
    I'm confused as well. I hope he's all alright by the time we comes here! he's got about 10 days to rest before you see him so he should be ok.
    I'm going to go to college for an other year i think.
    Well done :D. I'm happy for ya!
    Exams are a pain:( I can't wait for them to be done with!
    I know, i don't actually know this guy but it was all over the papers! I think he is ok ie still alive. I'm very excited about Blondie 11 days - i think! Yes i think i may go to Temple bar and have a drink;).

    That's shame you will get back in the swing soon hopefully.
    All right! You should write me a letter about your travel! I've been fine, but stressed, though I have not done much. :p I got lots to write about though, lot of nonsense, it'll be some pages. Poor girl
    Glad to hear you had a good time:). That's ashame about your hpone:9 but at least you didn't get stabbed, a friend of a friend got stabbed at T in the park:(.
    I look forward to your reply.

    I'm ok, a little bored but Blondie next week and then Ireland:D
    I feel awful! I have started to write a letter to you around 6000 times, but it's just... my inspiration has gone dry, and I couldnt bear to send you a letter that is not whole-hearted:o I'll try again tomorrow, and maybe it'll be something I could send;)
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