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Nov 20, 2019 at 5:35 PM
    1. Peterb
      Hi Davie,
      I'm fine. Hope you are well.
      How's the songwriting going?
    2. DAVIE
      How are you Peter?
    3. Peterb
      Pardon me?
    4. Novice
      My prayers are with you.
    5. DAVIE
      Thank you for the nice comment Peter. I don't know why anyone is saying bad things towards you. Your the most friendlist person I've seen on here for a long long time.
    6. Peterb
      Hi Dave, My apologies for the crass remark about my job. Unemployment is grinding. My thoughts are with you.
      By the way, I know I've never met you but it is abundantly clear you are anything but a thicko. People leave you alone because you are honest, straight forward and friendly.
    7. DAVIE
      Well....I feel nothing! I'm unemployed, so I feel as if I don't exist at all. I'm looking hard for a job at the moment but there's not mighty much around here.
      Yes the forum has always been weird and it's been heavily critised by EVERYONE because of the annoymous posters and nobody does a thing about it. It's starting to irritate a lot of people on here and many have left due to it!
      I'm a thicko! I never hide it and I guess that's why people tend to leave me alone! :D
      Ermm Wales? Weed? Yes, try Rhyl! Not that I have ever taken it!
    8. Peterb
      Hi Davie, I'm not too bad. A bit of a cold and I hate my job but otherwise fine.
      And yourself?
      The forums gone a bit weird don't you think? A lot of anonymous posters being very rude.
      I think people like to leave posts that they think will upset Morrissey fans under the mistaken impression that we're all a load of fey and fragile failed poets. Despite the aliteration in that last sentance I am neither (but I am stupid and fat) and I don't think you are either. Deathdisco certainly isn't.
      By the way, is it true that Wales is the best place to score decent weed?
      Take Care Mate!
    9. DAVIE
      Hello Peter, how are you today? :)
    10. Peterb
      Ta very much Davie. Honestly, it is really appreciated.
    11. DAVIE
      Of cause it was you who I mentioned! I never talk to Uncleskinny :p
    12. DAVIE
      Work? Well....It's not going well this month, it's been a terrible month to apply for jobs :(
      However, I'm trying to pass my Maths GCSE, it was the only subject I failed and I'm really hoping I pass it within a few months before I start College in the September. I'm also learning to drive, which will hopefully be in a benefit in the next 10 years time when I can afford a car and cope with all those nasty horrible bills that come with buying the flamin car!
    13. Peterb
      Hi Davie, yeah the site appears a little lacklustre these days. I'll rack my brains for an idea for a thread.
      How's the work situation?
    14. DAVIE
      I'm good thank you Peter. Creating a few topics to keep the forum afloat, I suppose :)
    15. Peterb
      What are you studying? Are you an actor?
    16. Girl-with-the-Thorn
      Hey, I'm ok thanks. :) Lots of uni work to do though, and I'm currently over-analysing whether to audition for various stuff or not which always sends me a bit loopy. And I know what you mean about work; I had a part-time job over the summer and that was quite enough for me. I should probably get a weekend job here so I don't completely run out of money before the end of this term, but somehow just can't be bothered.
    17. DAVIE
      Can you help me out and answer my poll on the forum? It's under "Delete Account Button" under Site Suggestions. I want as many votes as possible! :p
    18. Peterb
      Damn Right!
    19. DAVIE
      I can't be bothered explaining, I'll just keep checking on your wall to see if you've replied :p
      Anyway I hope nobody scares you away, if somebody frightens you then just give them a brisk talking to! :D
    20. Peterb
      Hi Davie, I'm sorry what do you mean by reply on your wall?
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