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Nov 12, 2019 at 7:23 AM
    1. DAVIE
      Thank you very much Peter. I didn't know such a site existed :)
    2. Peterb
      Davie, having heard your voice, yes I think this is an excellent idea. You are one of the few singers I've heard who could give an excellent fresh account of the Moz library.
      The problem would be finding the musicians, especially the guitarist. But then again, you would only have to advertise, possibly on Bandmix (
    3. DAVIE
      I've got this desire to start up a Smiths tribute band and make some money that way. What do you think?
    4. DAVIE
      Don't let them get to you Peter. They aren't worth replying to mate.
    5. DAVIE
      Thanks Peter for being so kind :) I'm currently completing my First Aid course now and I have 2 more weeks left. I never knew you have watched The Simpsons occasionally either. It's a brilliant programme and it beats that dreadful vulgar Family Guy series any day in my book.
    6. Peterb
      Davie! Congratulations. Well done mate. I really felt for you when you told me of the impending interview. I've had a few in my time and hated them all.
    7. DAVIE
      Hello Peter,

      Well I'm now a teaching assistant and play-scheme worker. 20 odd hours, which probably isn't enough to live on, so it looks like I'll have to save up until I get more hours perhaps. I'm not sure how much money you need to be able to survive living in a flat on your own...I've been thinking about moving out on my own for a while now.
    8. Peterb
      Hi Davie,
      What position are going for?
      By the time you get this you may have already had the interview.
      Let me know how you get on.
    9. DAVIE
      Aye they are all our demos in that list. The songs will never be properly recorded, but I prefer it that way. It'll stop some certain people I know nicking our tunes.
      How's things anyway? I've got a second job interview with a school tomorrow and I'm absolutely dreading it.
    10. Peterb
      Like the rough demo. Would love to hear it with the vocals better recorded.
      As for my thing. Yeah it's done, in that I can play. The task of recording it
      is the arse shifting challenge I have yet to take on.
      Take it easy Davie!
    11. DAVIE
      I know, it's been ages! I didn't know if anyone was still on here, but it's great to chat with you as always :) How is the Morrissey forums doing these days?
      Yeah, I guess I've been experimenting with some sounds and they can all be heard here in their rawest form --->
      We were about the record a professional EP with a bassist and drummer, which was going to cost absolutely nothing because my friend runs his a studio and we had people to help, but then the guitarist said "he was bored with the music" and left the band a couple of days before. I haven't really forgiven him, especially when he knew how I felt. But I still talk to him because he's a friend and it's up to him I suppose. At least we did a few gigs and made a few people happy!
      How about you Peter? When we last wrote, you said that you were working on something. Were there any gems in the making? How's life going? :)
    12. Peterb
      Davie My Friend! Good to hear from you. I've not seen you on the forums for a while.
      I'm well thank you.
      How is your songwriting going. Any masterpieces?
    13. DAVIE
      Hello Peter, how are you? :)
    14. Peterb
      Hi Davie, gosh mate, I'm hugely flattered. I'm working on something at the moment. I'm having to work out how to overdub. When I get get done I would love to have your opinion.
    15. DAVIE
      Thank you very much Peter. Yes I've heard of that software as I edit songs on there too! :)
      Can I have to listen to some of your demos? :)
    16. Peterb
      Hi Davie, I use a free software called Audacity which is an easy way to make demos.
    17. DAVIE
      It's going good. I have written some new songs with a new guitarist that I'm really happy with. We hope to record them either this year or next year. But it all depends on how much it's going to cost us. We performed the songs in a local bar and we got a pretty good response, so we might perform them at another couple of local venues and see if the response is just as good :) Currently back at college, but I'm not enjoying it and my teaching career has been taken away from me by the universities who demand higher requirements as from 2013. How's things with you?
    18. Peterb
      Hi Davie, Thanks mate. Hows the songwriting going? Peter
    19. DAVIE
      Hey Peter.
      I put some youtube links of two of the full albums. I couldn't find Earthling, but I can find you a link to every song if you ever want to listen to that album in the future.
    20. DAVIE
      Hello Peter. I haven't seen you around these parts for a while. I hope your okay, my friend.
      The songwriting is good steady. my band is coming to a close though and I'm wanting to start a new project with a new guitarist writing new material and adding in our favourite covers.
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