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    TTY: Mexrissey Number One

    absolutely in love with their version of Suedehead
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    Knitted dolls by The Cat's Mother featured on Boing Boing, Consequence of Sound

    For your christmas list? Knitted Morrissey Dolls....:straightface:
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    Morrissey interview in El Mundo (Spain); cancer treatment mention

    Re: Apparenty it's cancer. I think this is correct - we know Morrissey had Barrett's Esophagus and this can lead to cancer of the Esophagus (risk is slightly higher than for those without Barrett's). But it is early to go straight to "he is dying of cancer". This page has lots of useful info...
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    Morrissey in the charts :-) hi guys, long time, hope everyone is well this made me chuckle x
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    Aw thanks for remembering Yes Harley is now 4 and starting school this week and yes he has a little sister called Hazel who will be 2 next month . They are both wonderful :-)
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    Hi Kewpie, sorry this is late, i saw it at Vue Islington on Monday 26th - there were about 25 people there i reckon - maybe 3/4 full - they used their smallest screen. Thought it was a great show, really enjoyed the set list and he looked and sounded great. Was odd watching a Morrissey...
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    Tickets on sale now for Morrissey 25: Live from Hollywood High - press release from Gorgeous PR

    Hello Its on at the VUE cinema Islington, London on Monday 26th august
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    Pre-Show Meet Up (the 2nd) at the Dogstar on Sunday 7th Aug - 5pm

    yep good shout Virgil - see u there :-)
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    Will Brixton O2 sell out in morning?

    Re: Is Brixton O2 (7th August) sold out? bought tix no probs - this evening, quite surprised....and a little worried.....that it was so easy
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    Hop Farm 'roll call' + 'Morrissey tickets' now available for £40

    I will be there too :-) Going Saturday coming home Monday - Virgil!! call me - u have my no. yeah?
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    Morrissey at Hop Farm Festival?

    this is wonderful news!! buying tickets tomorrow :-)
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    a REAL Smiths fan for David Cameron

    Just to say this thread and the one about PMQs have been hugely interesting There hasnt been much Moz news of late but suddenly boom! I still cannot quite believe MPs were quoting Smiths songs to each other in parliament. (Talk about strange and unexpected Moz references) And invalid -...
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    Morrissey's message of (non)violence

    thought provoking thread if i had money i would buy a submarine and torpedo whaling boats
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    Morrissey's best delivery?

    2nd test at Edgbaston, 1996, 2nd innings, 14th over, 2nd ball. Amazing seam position and reverse swing.
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    BBC Radio 1 QueenIsDead

    Lol, that was genius
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