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    Moz on Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2: 30/4/11 3pm

    That was a good listen. Moz really seemed to enjoy giving Dermot a hard time :lbf:
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    Morrissey & the Oscar Wilde Influence

    Morrissey is heavily influenced by Oscar Wilde? When did this fucking bombshell drop?!?
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    Morrissey on Desert Island Discs - 29 Nov 2009

    Kirsty Young was practically fizzing at the fanny.
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    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    He'll be okay. Might not be many more gigs in the future, though. It's a shame, but I'd much rather he be healthy than force himself through another tour.
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    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    When I thought Michael Imperioli couldn't be any cooler...
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    Andrew Collins and Morrissey

    Well Andrew, since you're here: Grass was awesome and I'd give my left nut for another series. Not Going Out is fucking wank. The infamous NME piece was also fucking wank. I would certainly agree that Morrissey frequently talks bollocks and does things that are ill-advised, but the...
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    Mark E. Smith on Your Arsenal - Select magazine 1992

    Re: Mark E. Smith on Your Arsenal We're regularly told that The Fall are amazing, Mark E Smith is a genius, John Peel loved them, you should love them, blah blah blah... they were/are fucking wank and Mark is a pointless cunt.
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    The Smiths - Four Vinyl Reissues (August 11th)

    First one to quote Paint a Vulgar Picture gets a FUCKING SLAP
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    Eavis "working on" The Smiths for Glastobury 2010

    I see a lot of people on here say "ooh, I don't want them to reform, it would spoil it, wouldn't be the same etc etc"... fuck that. I'd give both of my balls for a ticket to Glastonbury if they reformed for it.
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    Will Moz mention or dedicate a song to M Jackson tonight?

    Moz probably liked him because he was a veggie.
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    Moz lookalikes

    Apparently Ben Thompson is a big Moz fan. He probably knows himself - needs to get the scissors out pronto.
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    ALL Brixton Dates Cancelled

    Fuck. Well, I'm still going down to London for the weekend. I will be in the bar...
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