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    Songs that make reference to The Smiths or Morissey

    Harvey Danger - Pike Street Park Slope "A community of dabblers who are vain and fond of biting backs / we hate it when our friends become successful" Harvey Danger - Meetings With Remarkable Men "I bowed before the avatar, he said 'the problem's clear to me, you never got over Morrissey'"
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    Johnny Mar 9:30 Club Tour Opener

    i'd like to know if and how ian mackaye's playing has influenced johnny.
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    The Cure thread

    brand new couldn't be called "early" emo by any stretch of the imagination, seeing as the earliest emo bands were making records at the same time the cure were writing their most "emotional" music (i.e. the mid to late eighties). that said, i guess this dingus never caught the bridge in "logan...
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    Did Marr Deserve a Songwriting Co-Credit For The Songs of the Smiths?

    johnny marr deserves full songwriting credit for every song except "oscillate wildly" and "money changes everything" and "the draize train." those three are all moz, baby.
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    The intro to Throwing my arms around Paris

    i honestly expected a video of a motorcycle starting.
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    Warsaw - Stodola (Nov. 19, 2014) post-show

    Oh, you've done it now. To all the complainers miffed about dropping a few bills for flights and tickets only to catch a 25-minute set, did you see the god damn set list? Whether you're a longtime fan or this was your first time seeing Morrissey, you got to see three of the best songs ever...
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    What do you think of Gustavo Manzur's songwriting skills?

    is this the first record without alain whyte? i think gustavo will emerge as one of moz's best songwriting partners. boz is a great standby, and i'm glad JT's songwriting is becoming more subtle and less plodding.
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    Favorite bonus track off "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"?

    The bonus tracks are Early Burglary quality. I can see how none of them fit the sequence or mood of the album, but I'm grateful they were released because they're in many ways superior to the album tracks. And thank god the thudding "Action," "People," and "Looker" will presumably never be...
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    "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

    Oh, and another thing! I pre-ordered the vinyl from the webstore and on the date of their respective releases was given free downloads of "World Peace..." and "Earth..." but not of "Istanbul." Has this happened to anybody else? Very curious.
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    "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

    Get off the Stage? Not a solo per se, but certainly some accordion shredding. This. Also, I think it's entirely the producer. I have a feeling Your Arse n' All would have sounded very rockabilly if not for that Yorkshire gentleman, and that YATQ would not have sounded so radio-ready if not for...
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    Morrissey turns 55 - May 22, 2014

    who translated the article above? it's a bit choppy.
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    Morrissey turns 55 - May 22, 2014

    I prefer the version from the Simpsons Season 5 Episode 4... "Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed" "But sir,, those are-" "Do as I say!"
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    Miley Cyrus covers "There Is A Light..." in Belfast

    she does quite a good cover version of "what have they done to my song, ma?" by melanie safka, whom moz has been pumping up nonstop for the past year or so.
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    Miley Cyrus covers "There Is A Light..." in Belfast

    Re: Miley Cyrus sings There Is A Light That Never Goes Out i don't even
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