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  • yes..he will be in spain..so near but also so far:tears:..but hey..i saw him in london..you can't always get what you want:o..i'm looking forward to see the vatican--i've never seen it before..and i want to give our german pope a cuddle:D
    well i'm soo happy to sun my skin..it looks really ill..no sun at all..no swimming at all..nothing..but i see times changing in a better way..i hope i also got a network connection in the hotel...can't resist without..one week..Amen:rolleyes:
    well..you're not right in the head and this is why i like you..i like you..i like youuuuuu..well
    i'm overdoing it now..so i shut up:rolleyes:
    ok..the boyfriend..no wait..the NEW boyfriend of my sis will come in 20 minutes..and she will show him the first time..so i have to take a shower and put other clothes on..see you..in a couple of days..no wait..in the traffic..*eek*
    aww..you're too sweet..and too frinky..is the weather not hot enough??*eek*:D
    but very nice to hear from you...did he saw the frinkie pics of moz?..what a shame..how on earth can he think that he's sexy as him?..pfff..silly :p
    well wish you a great time there..how long will you stay?..
    i'm soo happy to be away in a week..it's so cold here..17°C..just rainy and windy..horrable*tears*..but nevertheless i have my warm frinky daydreams..that's hotter than pepper..:)
    so..keep frinky..and we see us soon..
    PS..your daydream..marvellous ..could be mine..i continue it, ok? ;)
    well..i will fly to roma..where is your place??
    Near to roma..i don't know it so far..??
    how long will you stay..and is it just for holiday or for some other reasons??
    Ok..i think i'm overdoing it now..so i shut up:)
    xoxo miry
    Thank you very much, that's lovely of you to say :) Writing style...yes, I guess my still rather poor command of English can be entertaining, ha.
    It's funny though, I was actually about to message YOU about your signature! It'd make for a great tattoo :p
    Taedium Vitae, along with My Voice, these have to be my favourite Wilde poems too. Being located quite apart from folk with anything like an eclectic taste in music, it was only through Wilde that I heard about Morrissey too, so there's more than one reason to be thankful to him :)
    thank you..that's very kind..i will give him some air kissing..one by me..then i promised one for mell..and last but never..never least one for you..so he got one from california..one from belguim..and germany..nice:)
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