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Oct 8, 2019
May 17, 2008
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New Member, from Wherever I go, there is a man who protects me and

Pashernate was last seen:
Oct 8, 2019
    1. sistasheila
      hello madame
      hope to hear from you again Im still worried is everything alright,hon?
      you got my mailaddy,eh? dont hestiate to mail me,Im there for you I send you hugs+strength to fight the often tough world you can do it!i know how hard life can be
      Katharine Hepburn said stg I found interesting:life is tough for everybody.only those those who tend to fight it become its victim i try not to be become a victim as she called it its hard but i try every day.
      p.s.if you dont want to talk abou the black cloud(as i would call it).or your worries thts fine i understand
      but i would love to hear how your first mozconcert was- magical eh?Im curious about a review of yours from it
      or if not that either-just a quick hello thts fine with me-okay?really hope alright w. U?
      im thinking about you honey you know where to find me;-)
      MOZ live no 2:14th NOV,BRÜSSEL
      edit:my mailadress I sent you in one mail once was false it is ending with .net not .de
    2. sistasheila
      are you okeay?
      havent seen/heard from you the last time before i headed for the UK
      xxxx from a bit worried sista

      edit, 9th june
      hope you had enjoyed at the morrissey concert?
    3. blue jag
      blue jag
      Get well soon pash x
    4. blue jag
      blue jag
      Loving the new haircut!
    5. sistasheila
    6. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Tot over 3 weekjes. :horny: :D
      Ben je er klaar voor? :lbf: Ik neem de trein van 12:20.
      Laat je me op tijd weten of je dat haalt. :thumb:
    7. sistasheila
      just dropped by and leaving lashings of love and hugs from the sista to a very special belgium lady:sweet::love::flowers::flowers::flowers:
      ohh a new avatar:thumb::)

      do not forget:

      When you walk through a storm
      Hold your head up high
      And don't be afraid of the dark.
      At the end of the storm
      There's a golden sky
      And the sweet, silver song of a lark.

      Walk on, through the wind,
      Walk on, through the rain,
      Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
      Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
      And you'll never walk alone,
      You'll never walk alone

      Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
      And you'll never walk alone,
      You'll never walk alone
    8. blue jag
      blue jag
      Yes, things WILL get better soon!
    9. sistasheila
      so hon,
      loggin out now
      did write you a pm but just wanna say one thing before i leave:
      ...things will get better i promise!
    10. sistasheila
      :sweet: you too hon..thnks for the lovelymessage...will be getting telephone again soon-hopefully-after one year of having nno landline(..maybe we could chat through the phone if you the they teach german in your school too?
    11. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Nog minder dan 5 weekjes! :horny: ;)
      Whoopee! :thumb:
    12. blue jag
      blue jag
      hey Pash we are buddies! Totally understand your pash for Moz, obsessions are cool! x John
    13. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Ik vind je avatar :thumb:
    14. sistasheila
      i dont think there is a problem..or might it crash then?.......fräulein pash;-)
    15. sistasheila
      hey are you today? di you have a nice weekend?
    16. sistasheila
    17. sistasheila
      wow,,,youre very pretty;-)if Im allowed to say that..
      no i wont go to offenbach is the nearest for you?..and the Uk is no option for you to go ? its not that expensive iof you use either a very cheap flight (or lik me taking a bus (passing trhough belgium btw) and sleep in hostels....
    18. sistasheila
      hi sweetie,,,is that you in your avatar?
      will you seeing the man in belgium?
      i would h just for the opportunity of him falling ill..get an ticket for second shoe near never know...his health state during tour is unpredictable
    19. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Ik Pm je de details die je moet weten! :thumb:
    20. westendgirl
      Hello! You've been missed round the frinky parts. :)
      Is that you in your avatar?
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    I want to take my affections,
    put them in a bottle,
    just to waste it at your feet.

    I love you more than words can tell.