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    Here's a film I made inspired by Linder Sterling.
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    Would You Actually Want To Meet Morrissey?

    Do meet him. He is the kindest being there is.
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    Morrissey is in Saudi Arabia!!!

    Maybe they aren't popular in Europe, but they are huge in North America because of companies like American Apparel. The bigger the 'V' here, the trendier the person. And hipsters love their 'V's. YUCK!
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    Morrissey is in Saudi Arabia!!! V necks.....gosh!!! I thought he was immune to disgusting trends of the season.
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    Is Morrissey Religious?

    i distinctly remember him saying 'god bless' at the end of several shows.
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    Why I Will Not Buy Greatest Hits

    Yeah, because that way, no tax money goes to the government. It's not really about the tax money, it's just to point out hypocrisy. I'm slightly disappointed. I never once said that he was horrible for boycotting Canada, more over, I really thought it right to stand up for your beliefs. But...
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    Why I Will Not Buy Greatest Hits

    I know, that wasn't the point- the point is that Morrissey shouldn't sell his CDs in Canada if he's going to boycott it from his tour.
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    Why I Will Not Buy Greatest Hits

    Well, yeah, everything DOES have tax (sadly, including food!) but would Morrissey want his face and name on something that contributes direct money to the government. He obviously can't make Michael Jackson not sell his CDs or make other artists not tour Canada- the least he can do is NOT sell...
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    Why I Will Not Buy Greatest Hits

    Yesterday I walked into HMV, grabbed a copy of Greatest Hits off the shelf and walked towards the cash register. As it was about to be checked out, the salesperson said "That will be 18.95 with tax"...yes. Tax. The evil tax that pays for the seal hunt, funded by the government. I appologized to...
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    Does being vegetarian mean you are a better Morrissey fan

    yes. it means you're a better person in general too.
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    Message to Morrissey Management

    what does Julia have going for her in life anyway? Being angry at her would be like being mad at a homeless person for making you feel bad about their situation on your way to work and back every day.
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    Morrissey and his Mum

    No wonder no woman ever lived up to his standard...if Freud was right, and I'm sure he was, and is...Morrissey's mother is the perfect explanation. Gorgeous.
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    I's such a nuisance when your favorite band is so obscure. Yeah...the PS1 thing was only on for a couple of months...I was so disappointed that I actually went to NYC a couple of weeks after it was saddd!!!
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